Driving for many marines from Montford point, where long periods may be challenging and risky. Accidents frequently occur when drowsy drivers veer out of their lane and collide with another vehicle. But what if we informed you there’s a helping hand waiting to alert you if you nod off or drift out of your lane?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, are the most recent technology to join the automotive industry, and they’re here to stick for valid reasons. Glassworks Auto Glass’ specialists will walk you through everything you need to know regarding Advanced Driver Assist Systems, why they need calibration, and how they can benefit you on the journey in this article.

What is ADAS?

ADAS calibration Tulsa is available in a variety of formats. Simpler versions, such as automated headlights and wipers, have existed for a long time. However, in this post, we’ll show you how to use newer, more interesting forms of ADAS to make your driving trip safe and secure than ever before.

Lane Departure Warning System:

While lane departure does not always result in an accident, it is evident that it occurs frequently and is very dangerous when other vehicles are present. A lane departure system will raise the alarm when your automobile pulls out of its lane without using its turn signal. Lane Keep Assist is a function that certain cars have (LKA). If you cannot reply quickly enough, this technology can steer the car back towards the center of the lane.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) System:

An AEB system senses when a collision is imminent. It will then notify you that you need to take corrective action. If no action is made, an emergency brake will be deployed automatically to prevent a collision. The forward-collision safety system is a lighter variant of the AEB. This technology merely keeps track of the space between your car and the one in front of you. Thus alerting you to a potential collision without braking.

Adaptive Cruise Control:

They have been on the market for more than a decade. They maintain a constant pace in your automobile even when you take your foot off the accelerator. Helping you relax your feet when traveling long distances. Updated versions known as adaptive cruise control or dynamic cruise control have recently been launched in the automobile sector. This updated autopilot technology will manage your car’s speed to ensure a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, enabling you to use cruise control even though other vehicles are on the road.

Pedestrian Automated Emergency Braking (PAEB) System: 

Like the AEB, the PAEB is an automatic emergency braking system for pedestrians. However, unlike a standard AEB system, the PAEB is meant to detect pedestrians on the road and brake if a collision is near and the driver has not taken the required remedial action.

All of this sounds lovely and glitzy, but do these systems function? Let’s have a look at the numbers. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Lane departure warning systems can reduce the risk of single-vehicle. Also, sideswipe, and head-on collisions of all severity levels by 11%. (IIHS). Furthermore, research has indicated that these devices reduce the risk of harm in similar sorts of collisions by 21%. If a car manufacturer wants to earn a five-star crash test rating by 2020. The vehicle must feature an Advanced Driver Assist System.

In a nutshell, the answer is “yes.” It’s crucial to remember, though, that ADAS is here to help you. They aren’t a stand-in for your regular driver. As a result, you must keep your eyes on the road at all times when driving.

What Does This Mean Regarding Your Windshield?

Cameras, computer imaging software, radars, and other sensors used in ADAS calibration Tulsa. Thus they are frequently placed behind or immediately to the windshield. This implies that any minor physical alteration to your vehicle, particularly to your windshields. Thus it might cause these sensing devices to fail, necessitating ADAS recalibration.

What is the Purpose of Windshield Calibration?

When you get a windshield changed, all of the ADAS calibration Tulsa technology on the windshield is removed as well. The ADAS equipment must be reattached once the windshield has been replaced. The windshield must be fitted with precision since the ADAS technology continuously computes accurate data from the road. Even the tiniest measuring inaccuracy might result in an accident. The ADAS systems will be checked by adjusting the windshield to ensure that the results are accurate. The calibration process will continue until the windshield and ADAS equipment are precisely aligned.

Calibration Methods

There are two sorts of windshield calibration methods:

Static ADAS Calibration:

Static calibration involves transporting your vehicle to a properly equipped workshop. To see if calibration is functioning, it doesn’t have to be used. It uses technical elements to ensure that everything is in order, from your camera to your detectors. For this sort of calibration to function, tools like a camera and sensor calibration tool (CSC) will be used.

Dynamic ADAS Calibration:

Dynamic calibration, also known as Mobile Calibration, involves plugging a portable device into your automobile. The automobile must be driven at a certain speed for the system to be adjusted. The testing and calibration must occur in optimum weather circumstances. With the pace of the calibration specified by the car’s manufacturer.

ADAS Calibration Tulsa

ADAS calibration entails calibrating your car’s sensor systems so that they work properly. A dynamic calibration procedure necessitates the technician driving your automobile. Whereas a static calibration process employs specialized instruments. Thus to calibrate the ADAS calibration Tulsa while the vehicle is still.

It is essential to recalibrate your ADAS under the following circumstances, according to every manufacturer:

  • Replacement of the windshield
  • Collision
  • ADAS lights are on or flashing
  • When you replace your tires or raise your ride height.

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