Looking for auto glass Tulsa? Over the years, we can see a lot of advancement in technology and that too fast. Every time it seems that automotive technology is accessing at a remarkable rate. In the coming era, the windscreens are going to add a lot to the driving experience. Auto glass Tulsa has introduced all the technology advancements to their service centers to give your car a windshield that works with automated technology. They are passionate about your car glass and windshield and therefore offer the best service.

The Future of windscreen technology

To get some of the high-tech advancements to appear on your windscreen, auto glass Tulsa is going to be one of the best options. With their application of wonderful innovations to your windscreen, you are going to experience enormous changes to your driving world. This article explains the future of windscreen technology and how accessible it will make the drivers’ lives. Along with sharp driving experiences, these technological changes add much more to the driver’s safety, experience, comfort, efficiency, and automobile performance. Below are mentioned some of the key developments in windscreen technology in the coming future.

Gorilla glass:

As most of us opt for additional protection for our mobile phone glass, automated technology has brought the feature of gorilla glass for our car’s windshield. These car glasses will be lightweight, highly durable as per the name, and provide crystal clear visibility to the driver. Gorilla glass is made by engulfing a windshield into the molten salt and causes a chemical reaction. The reaction caused will convert the sodium ions to potassium ions. It is going to be one of the most lucrative additions in the coming future. The result comes out to be an extremely light and durable windscreen. Due to the light glass, you can enjoy the benefit of more mileage. Along with it, the gorilla glass is perfect for touch screens and heads up displays.

Augmented reality windscreen:

When it comes to automation, the augmented reality windscreen will be the future of your car. This technology will allow graphics to display directly to your windscreen and enforce a real-world backdrop. Auto glass Tulsa is capable of fitting this windscreen on your car model. With the help of this windscreen, you can enjoy the benefit of getting directions, updated status of speed, and other useful information directly in front of your eyes. The options with augmented reality windscreen are endless such as you can get traffic updates, warnings, and maps available to your windscreen. 

Wiper less windscreen:

Your windscreen faces a lot of strain during the winter season. Can you imagine windscreens without wipers and no are no strains even if it is rainy and snowy? Many companies have already finished up their invention and have started selling in the market. This way, you will get rid of the windscreen wiper forever that adds a wonderful experience to your driving passion.

Heat resistant windscreens:

The future windscreens are going to be heat resistant that can also refract sunlight. The improved glass is going to be equipped with many advanced features that bring ease to driving. The technological advancement has taken the car’s windscreens to the other level and brings more flexibility and durability to your driving. The future windshield is thin, heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and safer and has enough strength to take the impact during a collision.

Panoramic windshields:

A driver needs to have an inhibited view of the road ahead. It is priceless and, most importantly, a necessity for the safety of drivers and passengers. This windshield is going to offer a panoramic view to the drivers as well as passengers. Think of a road trip with the family, and all the passengers can enjoy the outside view of the road. This is even more secure and one of the best features in your car’s windshield.

Silver embedded glass:

These days, the priority of drivers is to have safe and comfortable driving. Technology advancement has made it possible by providing silver embedded car glass. Though many glasses support driver’s safety, silver embedded glass took the drivers’ safety to a new level. Silver embedded glass solves a major part of the cars’ heating issue as it reflects rays outside the car. 

Smart car glass:

Initially, smart glass is used in buildings, but it is now present in automobiles due to technological advancements. If you have a smart glass installed in your car, you can adjust the heat to enter your car just by clicking a button. The driver can choose the opacity of the windows and windshield as per the suitability. Smart glass helps in increasing the driving comfort by making it safer through glare reduction. Future applications of smart glass will be more impressive, such as automatic, adjusting tint, etc.

GlassWorks Auto Glass Tulsa

All these technological advancements in the windshield are going to revolutionize the automotive sector. Auto glass Tulsa will help you install smart windshields to your car that also improves your driving experience. This service company prioritizes its customer’s safety over everything else and makes smart driving more attainable.