Do you need windshield repair Tulsa? Windshield fog happens as hot air comes into contact with colder air. Usually, the hot air from outside the car encounters the cool air from the air-conditioned vehicle, but it may also arise where the cold air from outside meets the cooler air of the vehicle. Although fogging takes place all over the vehicle’s body, it is the windshield repair in Tulsa and where you really notice it. Most people get out and brush away the rain, but it doesn’t hold it out, which means you’ll have to get out of the car any time the window gets foggy. So, how can you clear fog from car glass more effectively? Here are a few useful techniques for windshield repair in Tulsa.

How Can I Clear Fog from Windshield Repair Tulsa During the Summer? 

As mentioned above, fogging happens as varying temperatures meet the air and create some windshield moisture. There’s nothing like an escape into an air-conditioned car during the blazing hot summers. However, when the hot air from outside reaches the cooled surface of the glass windows and the vehicle’s windshield, it instantly condenses and produces a film of fog developing on the outside of the windshield repair Tulsa. Normally, the fogging that happens in the summer is a lot easier to clear, and here are a few tips that you can use. 

Reduce the speed of the AC 

Although the cold air inside the car can feel lovely in the summer, it can be hazardous when driving. If you’d like to reduce the amount of fogging in your windshield, aim to reduce air conditioning intensity. As the temperature increases inside the vehicle, the air begins to react to the outside air and stops fogging easily. What you might do to save the car from fogging up, too, is to open a windshield repair Tulsa a little bit to let the fresh air into the car. Not only does this control the temperature faster, but it will also encourage you to continue enjoying your cool breeze. 

Open the Windows

For all those used to summer warmth and would like to put protection above warmth, the best and safest way to defog the windshield repair Tulsa is to open the windows. As soon as you find the windshield and windows fogging up, roll down the windows to your desired height and allow the outside air to flood the vehicle’s interior. This keeps the interior of the vehicle at the same temperature as the outside and prevents fogging completely. 

How Can I Clear Fog from Car Glass During the Winter? 

Contrary to what happens in summer, in winter, fogging in the car happens as cool air from outside reaches the warm air inside the engine. This is where condensation happens inside the vehicle, causing the windshield to fog up from the inside. Winter fogging is a lot harder to strip, but there are a few options to keep the vision open when driving.

Recirculation of the Air 

Often known as the “Fresh Air Mode” button on your dashboard, this is among the simplest and fastest ways to defog your windshield in cold weather. The button has a car with an arrow pointing to the car. When turned on, this feature draws out the outside fresh air but does not lower the vehicle’s temperature. Rather, the temperature is steadily balanced, and the fog will vanish across the windshield. You’re going to have to make sure that the “Recirculation Mode” is switched off, which would be the button with the car and the rotating arrow within. This feature recirculates the air within the vehicle by shutting the air ducts in front of the vehicle. 

Decreasing Temperatures Inside the Vehicle

This may not be the best choice, particularly for those who try and stay away from the cold. If your windows are gloomy, you should easily lower the temperature inside the car to balance the outside temperature. You may lower the air-conditioner’s temperature or raise the fan’s speed to reduce the temperature inside. Once the temperature has been lowered, the fogged glass windows and the windshield can be cleared. However, you’ll need to wear an additional layer of clothes to keep yourself comfortable.

Defrosting the Windshield Repair Tulsa

For those who already know their cars, they’ll know that the box button and three wiggly upward arrows are known as the defogger button. This button is beneficial for cars that have to deal with some of the coldest climates. When activated, the defogger button brings the air directly to the windshield. This weather suits the temperature of the surrounding area, which decreases the fogging. Some vehicles come with front and rear windshield repair Tulsa defogger controls.

So, next time you’re dealing with a fogged windshield or curtains, you can use one of the above methods or items listed here to ensure that you still have clear glass windows and windshields.

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