If you have recently got your windshield replacement Tulsa done by an expert, you must have spent a good amount on the project, and you must be wondering how to care for it to make it last longer than the earlier one. After all, your windshield is a supporting structure for your car and is extremely important for the safety of the driver and passengers traveling in the vehicle. Here, we will discuss a few top ways to care for your new windshield.

Don’t start driving your car immediately after the windshield replacement.

Once your auto glass Tulsa OK expert has replaced your windshield, you must be feeling excited to drive it back home as soon as possible. However, wait a minute, as a minor act of neglect can damage your windshield again. During the windshield replacement, your auto glass expert must have used urethane, an adhesive for repairing a chipped windshield or affixing a new one onto your car. Urethane requires a little time to cure, and the duration you must allow depends on several factors, including temperature, quality, and humidity.

 In some cases, the curing time can be as long as 24 hours. The idea behind this curing time is to ensure that the urethane adhesive dries up completely so that no gaps are left between the frame and the glass. If there are gaps, air may pass through them and eventually dislodge the newly installed windshield.

Don’t remove the tape.

Some windshield replacement Tulsa OK experts use a tape while fixing a new windshield in the car. These tapes may look unsightly, and you may feel the urge to remove them as soon as possible. However, it would help if you resisted this urge and did not take off the tapes for at least 24 hours after the replacement. 

This will ensure that debris, dirt, and foreign particles do not stick to the adhesive and create further problems. If they mix with the adhesive, they may weaken the connection between the glass and the frame and nullify the effort, time, and money you spent on the windshield replacement. 

Don’t wash your car immediately.

Car washes use motor pumps and high-pressure jets to clear away dirt and debris from your car. However, if the adhesive or sealant that your windshield repair Tulsa expert used has not dried up completely, it may weaken its strength, and the glass may dislodge from its place. As a result, you will end up blaming the expert for not doing the job correctly. Even if your car wash facility makes use of detergent or cleaning liquid to wash your car. It may not be very polite to the silicone or urethane-based adhesives used for windshield replacement. 

So, it’s better to refrain from car washing for at least 24 hours after getting a new windshield. Even if you need to wash your car. Do it at home with soft water sprays and mild soaps and detergents. The idea is not to keep the new Tulsa windshields away from water but to avoid pressure or impact.

Drive carefully

Although you should avoid rash driving always, you should especially drive carefully after a windshield replacement. If you have got your windshield replaced recently. Avoid driving your vehicle on uneven terrain, as it may cause the new windshield to a jar and shake and become dislodged. Also, do not slam your car doors or bang on its roof in a rush. 

Doing this can create sudden pressure immensely on the vehicle, due to which your new Auto glass Tulsa may even pop out. It’s better to leave the windows a big open. So that some of the pressure can escape through them as you close your doors.

Open the Windows

If your region’s temperature is hot, the heat may cause pressure to build up inside your car. If you have recently got a Tulsa windshield replacement, then the newly installed windshield may disassociate or pop out due to high pressure. So, to avoid such a situation, leave your windows open for a few hours after getting your windshield replaced.

Signs of Problem in Your New Windshield

Even if you have taken all the above-mentioned precautions. There are chances that your windshield replacement might not have been done correctly. If you see any of the following signs on your windshield. They indicate that the windshield was not installed properly, and you need to get it fixed.

  • Rattling or whooshing sounds while driving your car
  • Visible gaps between the frame and the glass
  • Visual discrepancies and irregular patterns on the new windshield

If you notice these signs, head to your windshield replacement expert immediately and get it checked and fixed.

Windshield Replacement Tulsa

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