Have you opted for a windshield replacement Tulsa recently? A newly installed windshield requires careful handling to ensure that it lasts for a long time. If you are careless right initially and do not follow the required steps religiously, there are chances that it will not fit properly in its place and may even come off totally in a few days. 

An ill-fitted windshield replacement Tulsa also affects the vehicle’s structural unity and may even interfere with the proper functioning of your vehicle’s safety features. 

Have you forgotten to ask your technician what these essential steps are, post car window repair Tulsa? Do not worry! Windshield replacement Tulsa has you covered. 

Give Your Car A Minimum Standing Time

After you have replaced the auto glass in Tulsa, OK, you must not drive your car immediately. It is essential to give your car a minimum standing time so that that the glass gets fitted to its place properly. Driving when the adhesive has not dried or when it has not hardened increases the glass’s chance of getting displaced. Added to that, the wind speed experienced by the windshield while you are driving your vehicle may even result in the auto glass Tulsa coming off totally and stuttering. 

The standing time required for the shield to dry varies according to the conditions of a place. While it dries relatively faster in the warmer places, it may take much longer in the colder ones. It is also heavily dependent upon the type of vehicle and the adhesive that has been used to attach it. It is best to ask your technician at windshield replacement Tulsa for the recommended time and avoid taking chances.

Do Not Peel Off The Retention Tape

When your car is returned to you after the windshield replacement in Tulsa, OK, you will notice that a retention tape has been affixed all around the glass frame. As tempting as it may be, do not take off this tape immediately. The retention tape has been affixed for a purpose. Though it may hinder your car’s aesthetic appeal, it prevents the adhesive from flowing out to the adjoining areas. 

It also holds the glass in the right position so that when the adhesive dries, it gets fixed to its frame properly. It is best to take off the tape only after 48 hours from the windshield replacement Tulsa. These tapes are easy to pull out even with an inexperienced hand, and they do not leave any ugly glue marks behind.

Do Not Wash Your Car

Your car has just come back with a new windshield replacement Tulsa. There are chances that you may want the whole body to shimmer and compliment the latest replacement. But before you take your car for a wash, think again! Water can flow easily and wash away parts of the adhesive used to affix the auto glass Tulsa in its right position. Simply avoiding a power-hose will not resolve the issue. 

You must also avoid washing it by yourself. Proper molding and drying of the glass take around 72 hours. Following which you are free to wash your car whichever way you want.

Do Not Drive In Adverse Weather

Just as much as you should avoid washing your car, you must also avoid driving in bad weather conditions. Driving in rain or storm just after the windshield replacement Tulsa means that the glass which hasn’t yet integrated properly will have to handle the water as well as the wind lashing out against it at full speed. The water further deteriorates the situation as it can wash away the adhesive, leaving the glass without any support. 

Therefore, all the money you have spent on the new glass may get totally wasted. And there is an increased chance of immediate shattering. So, give your car a rest for at least two days before you take it out.

Do Not Cover Or Clutter

A cluttered dashboard may not seem to be linked with your windshield, but in reality, it is. A cluttered dashboard can exert pressure from within and prevent auto glass Tulsa from getting fixed to its right place. So make sure, at least for one or two days after the replacement, you keep the dashboard totally clutter-free.

If you usually cover your car’s exterior overnight, then it is best to stop doing so at least for a few days after you have opted for the windshield replacement in Tulsa. Even though the covers are usually lightweight. They exert constant pressure on the glass, resulting in displacement from its proper place.

Windshield Replacement Tulsa and Auto Glass Tulsa

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