Need a windshield replacement Tulsa in winter? It is quite common to have frozen windshields in winters, especially in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is an everyday challenge for people going for work or anywhere outside their house in their cars. There is also a significant fine if you cannot see through your windshields properly because a loss of visibility can prove to be dangerous while driving. 

You can clear the snow from your windshield replacement Tulsa quickly through some simple measures. Our measures to remove snow goes from immediate to proactive measures. 

Removing Snow from Windshields

You can remove the ice from your windshields by melting it. You can start the melting process by first starting the car’s engine for some time to let the engine get warm. If your vehicle has the defrost setting, activate it to get the defrosting done faster. The defrosting may take about 15 minutes to get warm to melt the ice from the windshields.

You should avoid splashing any water, whether warm water or cold water, on the windshields. The water can cause thermal shock and lead to the cracking of the windshield. You may need to get your windshield repaired by professionals from one of the windshield replacement Tulsa shops. The crack is highly possible in case of water getting splashed on a frozen windshield.

You should also make sure that no ice is obstructing the car’s tailpipe because a blocked exhaust of the vehicle can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Saltwater Solution

It is a readily available homemade solution that you can use to clear the ice on the windshield. You can get salt water and put it in a spray bottle and spray it all over the windshield to quickly melt the ice. It would help if you were careful not to spray an excess of saltwater, or you may harm the windshield. Any windshield requires professional care and maintenance, and that you must get help from one of the best auto glass windshield replacement Tulsa experts.

Alcohol and Water Solution

You can also make another homemade mixture with alcohol and water solution to fix your icy windshield problem. The mixture should have the alcohol and water in a ratio of 2:1 to be effective. You can also increase the effectiveness by adding a few drops of dish soap to the solution. The solution works by decreasing the ice’s freezing point to make it melt faster from the windshield.

Commercial Deicers

If you want to save time and are willing to spend some money, you can choose commercial deicers to fix your icy windshield problems pretty fast and easily. You can buy things like ice scrapers at any auto glass Tulsa, OK shop. You should carefully read the manual and instructions before using them because a mistake can damage the windshield, leading to windshield repair Tulsa or a complete windshield replacement Tulsa in case of any significant damage.

Cover the Windshield Replacement

You can cover the windshields with a towel, tarp, or sheet, which you have to soak in the saltwater. Place the cloth on the windshield and hold it in its place with the wipers’ help. Use this solution only if it snows lightly in your area.

Homemade Deicers

Another solution to the problem is using homemade mixtures like vinegar solution. You can easily prepare a vinegar solution by mixing white vinegar with water in a ratio of 3:1. You can stock up the solution to use during the winters. It would help if you were careful while spraying it because an excessive amount of vinegar solution can do more harm than good to your vehicle’s windshield. Any damage done will have to be fixed by a professional of auto glass Tulsa.

Adding Alcohol in the Washer Fluid

You can put rubbing alcohol in with some water in the water fluid of your car. It will keep the windshield safe from any icing problem. It is very cost-effective for people looking to save some money while solving the problem.

These immediate and proactive measures will help you fix the problem of icy windshields in the winter season. Another issue that may arise is a damaged windshield because of wrongly applying a solution. To fix this kind of problem, you should hire professionals from the best auto glass repair windshield replacement Tulsa shop because if the damage is not taken care of, a complete windshield replacement may be required, which will cost you a lot more money.

Windshield Replacement Tulsa

You can contact our experts at GlassworksAutoglass for any solution or problem you may face. While trying to fix the icing problem, it is quite common for the windshield to get damaged and require a windshield replacement Tulsa. We have the best professionals in the field with the best training and equipment to quickly and conveniently solve your problem. If it is difficult to visit our shop, we also provide mobile car window repair and mobile car windshield replacement Tulsa services for your convenience. We offer the best services of auto glass repair in Tulsa at the doorstep of people in trouble.