Get windshield replacement Glenpool today. If you are a vehicle owner, you will see your car glass develop cracks and chips at some point. This would happen to you even if you are as efficient as a top F1 racer. So, knowing how to deal with such windscreen damages is crucial irrespective of the level of your driving. In this article, we will discuss the ways to stop windshield cracks from spreading.

Indeed, getting your auto glass Tulsa repaired or replaced right away should be the way to go for you whenever it develops a crack/chip. But there might be certain situations that can stop you from taking such prompt actions. This makes it important for you to know the ways to stop the spreading of windshield cracks.

The temporary fixes discussed below will help you to slow or stop the spread of cracks on your windscreen. However, they cannot be perceived as permanent solutions to the problem. For the solutions to be permanent, you will have to opt for professional services for auto glass repair in Tulsa. Read on to get acquainted with the tips and tricks.

Tips for Preventing Spreading of Windshield Cracks

Keep a Windscreen Repair Kit Handy:

Any auto accessory store in your area will have a good collection of windscreen repair kits. These kits are not expensive. Most of them are available for a price below $50. What’s more, using these do-it-yourself repair kits is also extremely easy. You will need to spend anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes to complete the job when using these kits. They come with a manual featuring detailed instructions. Get windshield replacement Glenpool today.

Consider using a repair kit only to deal with small, round chips that are not bigger than 30 mm or tiny cracks that are no longer than 100 mm. For bigger cracks and chips, we would advise you to go for repair or replacement of auto glass in Tulsa OK. Consider hiring a professional if you see that the crack/chip is spreading even after using the repair kit.

Use a Clear Nail Polish or Super Glue:

To fill the crack using this method, you will have to begin by cleaning off any glass or dirt residue around the area of impact. The cleaning should ideally be done using paper towels and a high-quality auto glass cleaner. Once the area is duly cleaned, apply super glue or clear nail polish on the crack. Wait for the liquid to dry. Finally, cover the cracked glass using a piece of clear packaging tape. This will prevent further accumulation of dirt.

This method should be treated as a one-day fix. You shouldn’t drive for a prolonged period after fixing a windshield crack using this procedure. To stay protected, call an auto glass Tulsa repair person within 24 hours of using this temporary fix. Get windshield replacement Glenpool today.

Don’t Expose Your Vehicle to Extreme Temperature Changes:

When you are waiting to get a windshield crack or chip repaired professionally, you should take extra care of your vehicle. Don’t expose it to extreme cold or direct sunlight. Glass tends to contract and expand respectively when it gets too cold or too hot. Such temperature changes can result in the rapid spreading of the crack and may also break the windshield completely. Get windshield replacement Glenpool today.

So, the rule of thumb is that a vehicle with a cracked or chipped windshield should always be parked in the garage. If that’s not possible, park the car in the shade and keep it covered. Also, avoid using the window defroster or defogger until the crack/chip is repaired. Make sure you call a professional known for repairing Tulsa windshields promptly and efficiently.

Some Steps You Can Take If Your Car Develops a Crack in the Middle of the Road

If your car develops a crack when you are driving and you are yet to get close to your destination, you must make your decisions without getting panicked. The first thing you should do is look for ways to get the damaged windshield repaired on the spot. Get windshield replacement Glenpool today.

For that, you must have the contact information of top service providers in Tulsa saved on your phone. The service provider you are looking to call should have a good track record when it comes to providing mobile car window replacement and repair services.

A windshield repair company offering mobile services will take just a few minutes to send a proficient team of repair persons to your location. If you are ready to wait, the team will finish the entire repair job or replace the glass right away. However, those jobs cannot be completed promptly. So, if you have a meeting to attend or need to reach the doctor’s clinic for an appointment, you can request the professionals to fix the crack temporarily.

The temporary fix would involve applying a resin on the crack so that it cannot spread further until the actual repair work or auto glass replacement Tulsa OK is done. Get windshield replacement Glenpool today.

Even when the temporary repair job is done, you should be cautious when driving the vehicle. If you drive the car too fast, the fixed glass might break open and you may be left with a completely broken windshield. Other than that, you should prevent yourself from banking the vehicle’s door too hard. The resulting thrust might also be detrimental for the cracked windshield.

Windshield Replacement Glenpool

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