The windshields are very vulnerable to damage by external objects like stone or pebbles, rain, hail storms, etc. The problem is that sometimes the windshield just gets chipped, which can be easily repaired, and sometimes it gets cracked on the whole windshield, which leads to windshield replacement in Tulsa but knowing the difference is essential. You can be fooled by someone to get your windshields replaced even for a small chip, which can easily be fixed by auto glass repair experts in Tulsa, OK

The damages on the windshield are generally of two types, which are chips and cracks. There is a difference between the two by which you can identify between the two of them. The cracks are the kind of damage that forms long cracks, ranging from 1 inch up to the whole windshield. Chips are marks left behind by the impact of external objects that hit the windshield. The chip can be of different types, determined by the shape of the point of impact. The different types are as follows:


They form a circular shape at the impact, which looks like a bulls-eye.


They create a gouge at the point of impact.

Star Break:

This type of damage leads to short cracks forming outward from the point of impact.

Partial Bulls-Eye:

They create a half-moon shape at the point of impact.

Crack Chip:

This type of damage is when the crack is less than 1 inch on the windshield.

Many chips and cracks can be repaired if you get them fixed by experts of auto glass Tulsa. The windshields have a lot of importance for a car, and the damaged windshield cannot fulfill that purpose. So a windshield needs to be in perfect condition to perform its job. The windshield has the following functions:

  • It provides strength to the integrity of the vehicle so that structure can remain healthy.
  • The windshield protects the passengers from any external problems like stone, pebbles, rain, dust, hail storms, etc.
  • Windshields protect the passengers in case of a rollover accident by keeping the roof intact and preventing it from collapsing.
  • It protects the driver in the event of an accident by keeping the driver from bursting through the windshield.
  • Auto glass doesn’t break into pieces but instead shatters to protect the passengers from being injured by the glass.

How to Know If Your Windshield Can Be Repaired?

You need to know if the chip or crack on your windshield can be repaired or not. The windshields are the only glass in the vehicle, which can be fixed because it is made of laminated glass. The other windows such as the side or rear, are made of tempered glass.

The windshield repair in Tulsa mainly depends on factors like the size of the damage, how deep it is, and where the damage is done. If any of the problems are significant, then the only option is for a Tulsa windshield replacement. The factors are explained in detail below:


Chips and cracks can be repaired, but they must be small in size. Otherwise, the drivers vision may be hindered. The general extent of damages that can be repaired are three inches for a chip and 14 inches for a crack. The repair job’s quality depends on the shop you visit, so it is highly recommended to go-to experts in auto glass repair in Tulsa.


Depth is an essential factor because the windshields are made of many layers, and the deeper the penetration, the more difficult to repair damage. The windshield is made with an outer layer of glass with a plastic interlayer and an inside layer of glass. The car window repair in Tulsa can only be performed if the windshield’s damage has not penetrated the inner layer. If it has penetrated through the inside layer, then there is only the option of Tulsa windshield replacement


Location is essential because the repair job can make the glass blurry, so it cannot be repaired if the damage is directly in the driver’s line of sight. There is also the possibility of compromised integrity of the windshield, which can be a significant problem because if the damage is done at the windshield’s weak spot, the repair job will do more harm than good. So, it is essential to know the location of the damage and get a repair job from experts in auto glass repair in Tulsa. There is also the case of sensors in point of a damaged windshield. It can create problems in the case of the functioning of the sensors.

Replacement of Windshield

There are situations in which repair jobs don’t work, and windshield replacement Tulsa OK is the only option left, so you should know when that problem can occur. It would help if you got your windshield replaced in case of the following issues:

  • The auto glass was not laminated
  • Winshield damage is longer than 14 inches
  • If the crack has penetrated the inner layer of the windshield
  • The crack has reached the edges of the windshield.

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