Need a windshield repair Tulsa during COVID? Information about Covid19 is spreading faster than the virus itself. It is nearly unimaginable to turn on the media, read a daily, or chat with someone without hearing about this invisible enemy. With information overload come rumors and concerns that refuse to die. Car owners are worried if Covid19 can inflict their car too. This article seeks to clarify how to keep your car safe to reduce the spread of Covid19. 

  • Can I drive my car during this lockdown?
  • Can my car catch this virus?
  • How to keep my car safe from spreading the coronavirus infection? 
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Repairing my vehicle during the pandemic
  • Keeping my car in working condition for any emergency 
Can I drive my car during this lockdown? 

The rule is to stay indoors to minimize contact with others. Experts discourage nonessential travels and any social visits. But if you still need to drive to essential duties, shop for necessities,s or attend medical appointments, please follow the provisions of the state you are currently in. 

For unavoidable driving, try to minimize contact with others as much as possible. Drive alone unless it’s an emergency. While the rule of thumb is not to share your car if you still need to accompany someone, ensure that the person is not showing any Covid19 symptoms. Again, each state has its own set of activities that are considered essential. Please check if your local government has any restrictions on driving and what rules and best practices are in place for “essential” driving. As of this writing, you do not need a permit or special ID to drive in Oklahoma City. Source

Can my car catch this virus?

To learn whether your car is at risk, you should understand how this disease spreads. It spreads from one person to another through small droplets from the mouth or nose, which are expelled when a Covid19 patient coughs or sneezes. 

If a healthy person nearby breathes in the droplets or touches his/her nose, eyes, or mouth after touching the surfaces where these droplets land, s/he can get infected. There’s no known vaccine available at this moment to fight this virus. So countries worldwide are grappling with it using preventive measures such as social isolation, social distancing, etc. 

The small contained spaces inside a car and its surfaces can be potential areas where the virus can live. According to a study, it can live on copper for up to four hours, on plastic and steel for up to 72 hours.  Source 

More research-backed facts about this virus are likely to be revealed in the future. Taking preventive measures is the best thing (actually the only thing) to do at this moment. 

How to keep your car safe from spreading the coronavirus infection 

Keep your car safe from Corona spread by cleaning it thoroughly. First, gather the required tools and identify the frequently touched objects and surfaces on your car. 

It is possible to remove the virus from external surfaces using the right disinfectants. Here is a list of EPA-approved household cleaners from the American Chemistry Council. 

Read the cleaners’ labels to satisfy they are safe to apply on your vehicle surfaces and know the precautions you should take when applying the product. Please note. DO NOT use any cleaner without sufficient information. Wrong chemicals can damage your car. If you are unsure, please contact the manufacturer and double-check. 

On a safer note, you can use milder soap and water solution with a leather conditioner. This option does not kill germs but helps control their number and check their spread. 

Clean. In the beginning, cleaning your vehicle removes dirt, sweat, organic matters, stubborn oily substances, and impurities, allowing other products to do their respective jobs smoothly. 

Identify core touchpoints.

Any area that your fingers touch needs cleaning. The list is obvious: dashboard, door handles, door latches, seat belts, seat buckles, lock buttons, mirror, steering wheel, gear shift knob, radio and infotainment controllers, cup holder, leathers, and more. The idea is to clean frequently touched spots or potential hotspots.  

The car’s exterior may be less likely to carry the virus because of the sun and outside environment. The deadly virus character is still under research, so it is good to clean door handles and other suspected touchpoints. 

Dos and don’ts

The most effective weapon against this virus is a cleaned hand. Regular hand-washing protects you and your family from getting sick from several diseases, including Coronavirus. Wash hands before cleaning your vehicle. After cleaning, wash again because, with a dirty hand, you are contaminating a surface that has just been cleaned.  

Avoid bleach and peroxide-based cleaners. As mentioned above, read the label for safety precautions, usage guidelines. I prefer to use material-specific cleaners. 

Wear gloves when cleaning your vehicle and while touching fuel pump keypads and other high-touch areas at the filling station. Windshield repair Tulsa always wears gloves on the job.

Ensure whoever uses your car follows all these precautions too.

You may want to keep a box of tissues in the car, so anyone who coughs or sneezes inside the car uses them. Keep a trash bag to gather the used tissue and make sure it is emptied daily. 

Repairing your vehicle during the pandemic 

While most of us are staying indoors to prevent the coronavirus spread, some of us still need to drive for essential tasks, and nearly all of us will need to visit a grocery store. If something should happen, windshield repair Tulsa has been deemed an essential service. Source(1) (2

Keep your vehicle in working condition.

If your vehicle needs immediate attention, don’t leave the problem unattended. During a crisis, you must keep it ready for any emergency.

Looking for windshield repair Tulsa?  

If you urgently need windshield repair Tulsa or auto glass repair in Tulsa, we’re open for service. 

We efficiently evaluate restoration options, and our experienced staff uses the latest technologies for repairs, allowing long term solutions. We maintain a huge inventory of glass models – so it’s unlikely we could not serve you. Windshield repair Tulsa accepts all major insurance and handle the paperwork for you. 

While supporting essential services, we’re following necessary safety standards for our staff and customers’ wellbeing. We are accepting new work orders with minimal in-person contact. The new way to greet a customer is offering a Namaste or a smiling face instead of a handshake. We are putting hygiene above everything – encouraging every stakeholder to wash hands frequently. 

We’re limiting the number of people we serve at once. We keep hand sanitizer near the facility entrance. We are promoting digital payments, maintaining mandatory social distancing between ourselves and our customers, and frequently disinfecting regularly touched surfaces and objects. 

Thanks for reading. Wishing those suffering from the disease a speedy recovery and requesting all to take care and maintain social distancing. Don’t drive unless it’s essential, and follow all guidelines until this crisis subdues.  For any questions or to schedule an appointment to fix your car health, pls call or text us at 918-610-9967