Need windshield repair Tulsa? Driving with a broken windshield is quite dangerous as your vehicle is more prone to an accident that may cause injury and sometimes fatality. Any breakage, scratch, chip, or a pitted windshield can cause distractions to the driver. If your car has a broken or damaged windshield, it is important to contact an auto glass repair Tulsa for immediate repair.

What are the causes of driver’s distraction?

A driver can get distracted for many reasons; here we, discuss the top reasons that are common causes of a driver’s distraction.

General distraction:

General distraction or daydreaming is quite a common distraction among car drivers. Many times when there is low or no traffic on the road ahead, the drivers start daydreaming and take their driving for granted. This can move their attention from any harsh object that is coming towards them to hit their windshield. Such general distractions can sometimes cause major windshield repair Tulsa damage.

Use of the mobile phone:

These days, drivers are found doing multiple tasks while driving in which the use of mobile phones is quite common. Cell phones move their attention from the debris that may hit the windshield and cause damage. Thus, many drivers often face windshield damage when they are busy on their cell phones and not concentrating on the road ahead.

Outside object:

There are many objects on the road that can distract you while driving and become the reason for your car’s windshield damage and sometimes accident. The outside object can be any person, event, or object that distract your attention from the road and cause accidents.


Sometimes, the major cause of accidents or windshield damage is nuisance passengers that distract the driver and become the reason for a major accident that causes the windshield to break. It is essential to keep your contact list intact with the contact number of a professional windshield repair Tulsa to use it during an emergency.

Using non-vehicle devices:

The use of non-vehicle devices, such as headphones, navigation systems, etc., can. Distract the driver’s attention from the road that makes the car’s windshield hit by any harsh object. This may result in complete windshield damage that sometimes also cause an injury to the driver.


If the driver is eating or drinking while driving, it can become a major reason for a road accident. Being busy with unnecessary activities, the driver would not prevent any object from getting hit by the car.
Adjusting controls: many people have the habit of adjusting controls while driving, such as changing audio tracks, etc. This can impact the driver’s attention from the road to a great extent and become one reason for accidents.

These are some reasons that cause a distraction to the driver and result in windshield damage.

How to prevent the windshield from being damaged?

The windshield is a significant part of your vehicle. It is essential to keep it in a perfect working state to prevent your car from getting crashed. Many ways can prevent your car’s windshield from damaging.

Maintaining a safe driving distance

The distance between the two vehicles on the road includes “Reaction Distance” and “Braking Distance.”  Distance refers to the time between something happening on the road and the time you hit your brakes. The reaction time varies from one driver to another, which is between milliseconds to seconds. Along with maintaining a safe driving distance, keeping a contact number for windshield repair Tulsa in an emergency is good.

The three-second rule

The driver needs to keep a three-second driving distance from the vehicle ahead. This helps the driver in maintained stopping distance and offers the driver enough time to stop the car in an emergency. The National Council also provides the guidelines that the vehicles need to maintain a three-second driving distance for drivers’ safety on the road. Moreover, if you drive the night or during harsh weather conditions, you need to keep extra distance between yours and the vehicle at your front due to low visibility. Call windshield repair Tulsa at 918-610-9967

Windshield Repair Tulsa

To ensure safe driving, it is important to maintain a safe driving distance that protects the windshield from getting damaged. Along with following the best possible practices, you need to ensure that you have the contact number of a reliable windshield repair Tulsa to contact whenever in need. It is good to park your car in a covered place to save it from damage and take it to a reliable glass repair company.