Do you need a windshield repair Bixby? Windshields play an important role in every vehicle. It keeps you protected from all the outside elements such as wind, dust, dirt, and so. Even in case of accidents, it is your windshield that gives you maximum support and protects you from popping out. Apart from that, windshields also offer support to the structure of the car and prevent the roof from caving in.
Given its high importance in every vehicle design, one cannot take windshield damages lightly. In fact, if you see that there is any kind of problem, you must immediately opt for repair or windshield replacement Tulsa as directed by the experts.

Post- Windshield Repair Bixby or Replacement

Your duty regarding your windshield does not end with repair or replacement alone. You have invested a good deal of money on your windshield, and you will definitely not want the money to get wasted. So how exactly must you care for the new windshield to ensure it gives you good service throughout? Below are five important points that discuss exactly how you can keep your windshield intact and in the best condition:

Give It Time

One of the most common mistakes committed by people after a windshield replacement is that they do not give the car enough standing time. It has to be understood that driving your vehicle immediately after the process of windshield repair Tulsa is completed can do a lot of harm. Windshields are usually pasted on the vehicle body using a form of adhesive. This adhesive can hold the glass correctly only after it has dried out.

So if you drive your car before the drying time, wind, rain, or any other form of disturbance may prevent the windshield from getting installed firmly. Even the slamming of your car doors too hard may hamper the hardening process at this vulnerable stage. So it is best not to use your vehicle at all during this time frame.

Avoid Rough Roads

Your vehicle is made to brave through every road condition. But this is not applicable right after you have had your Auto glass Tulsa replaced. Rough and bumpy roads can take their toll on the newly installed windshield. It has to be understood that owing to temperature and humidity, the adhesive may take longer to get dried completely. In fact, the drying time can even differ from season to season.

So even after you have passed the stipulated standing time, it is best to take some additional precautions, at least for the initial two days after the replacement.
If your usual route includes some bumpy roads, take an alternate route instead. Avoid driving your vehicle at high speed and park it in shady areas. The better care you take after windshield replacement Tulsa OK in the initial period, the higher the quality of service it will return to you. Get windshield repair Bixby.

Let the Retention Tape Stay

It is understood that when your car is returned to you after servicing, your fingers may get all fidgety to pull off the retention tape. But stop! Pulling off the retention tape may add to the aesthetics of your car, but it will do no good to the newly replaced Tulsa windshields. Retention tapes are used to hold the windshield to the right place.
So when you try to pull them off before time, you may unknowingly pull off the glass from the right place as well. So hold on to that temptation, at least for forty-eight hours after the vehicle is returned to you. If you are worried about the tapes leaving glue marks on the car surface, they can quickly be handled with a mild solution of soapy water.

No Immediate Washing

Is washing your car the next thing on your mind after it returns from servicing? Washing your car may be ok after other kinds of servicing, but not after you get the windshield replaced. Water can quickly get between spaces and hamper the proper molding of the glass to its surface.
Experts recommend at least three days time between the replacement and first wash. Even if your car is dirty, use dry or damp cloths to mop away the dust softly. Avoid using water jets or driving your car in heavy rain. Get windshield repair Bixby.

Thorough Vacuuming Of Interiors

While you need to keep the exterior of the car as it is for a few days after Windshield replacement Tulsa, the interiors need some work before use. It is seen that when the old windshield is hugely damaged, small shreds of glasses may make their way into the car. Given that they are so little, it is difficult to locate these pieces with naked eyes, but they can cause painful cuts to the passengers.

Windshield Repair Bixby

The only way you can get rid of these pieces. Make sure the interiors are totally safe is through vacuuming. But make sure you leave the glasses of your car a few inches open after this to avoid the build-up of air pressure on the newly installed glass.
Keeping these points in mind, you can enjoy the best results out of the windshield replacement Tulsa OK.
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