Do you need windshield installation? Every vehicle wants to go for windshield repair Tulsa in case their auto glass is damaged. It is because they want to avoid huge expenses. But, sometimes, windshield replacement Tulsa is the only option. So, to get your windshield replaced, you have made a considerable investment. Now, the first step towards maintaining your investment is knowing how to take care of your newly replaced windshield installation. By following a few steps, you can keep your windshield in good condition and make it last longer. Caring for your new windshield is vital. Ensure to follow the below-listed tips after installation.

  • Leave the window of your vehicle cracked open.
  • Drive easy with your newly installed windshield.
  • After the installation is complete, wait for a while to drive your vehicle.
  • Avoid frequent power washes and car washes.
  • Keep the outside and inside of your car clean to prevent the collection of dirt and debris.

Let us dive deep into windshield installation care. Know when and how you can make your new windshield installation sustainable so that it doesn’t get damaged too quickly.

First Few Hours after Getting Windshield Tulsa Repair!

The first few hours after you get your windshield replaced is the most critical. Take good care and follow the instructions properly.

Wait to Drive your Vehicle – ​ Auto glass repair​ or replacement employs using an adhesive that is very strong in nature and holds the glass in place. When replaced, it establishes a powerful seal all around the auto glass Tulsa. Hence, it is significant to allow ample time for the adhesive to get dried and set properly. For best results, experts recommend waiting for at least an hour so that you don’t face any difficulties post replacement. Technicians also remind vehicle owners and warn them not to drive their vehicles for an hour.

When you get in your vehicle for the first time after replacement, ensure to look for any leftover shards of your previous windshield. Technicians also make it a point to clean glass pieces adequately before returning the vehicle to its owner.

First Two Days After Getting Windshield Installation!

Car owners should take proper precautions for the first 48 hours of getting auto glass Tulsa​  repair or replacement.​

  • Leaving Window Open a bit
  • The air pressure can put extra stress on the​ seal of auto glass Tulsa​ as it dries. To prevent pressure from resulting in leaks, you​   should keep the glass rolled down at least an inch for two days after a replacement. Doing this, at least for the first day after installation, is highly recommended.
  • Keep the area in and around your car clear
  • When the seal of your windshield is​ still drying, you don’t want anything to get pushed up against it or adhere to it. For the first 24 hours, after getting your windshield replaced, you should not place any cover on the exterior of your car. Also, forgo using a sunshade inside your vehicle so that the dashboard stays free of all sorts of clutter.
  • Do not Remove Retention Tape
  • Technicians use a retention tape while getting the​ windshield replaced to hold windshield molding in place adequately. It also guarantees that the seal stays protected from all external elements while it’s getting dried. Although the tape doesn’t look good on your glass, you should remove it for at least two days after getting a windshield replacement Tulsa.​
  • Go Easy on Newly Installed Windshield
  • Restrain from putting unnecessary stress​ on the adhesive as it sets around the new windshield. Choose to close your doors slowly instead of slamming them. Avoid rash driving or driving on poor condition roads. Always make sure to avoid roads with lots of bumps and potholes.
  • Avoid Power Washers
  • Take care that the new windshield installation and moldings don’t get​ shifted or damaged in any way before they get enough time to set properly. It would help if you avoided high-pressure car washes and using power washers. Restrain from doing this at least for a few days after getting a new windshield installed. You can opt for regular hand washes to keep your vehicle clean.

The windshield installation is the guard of your car. Also, it acts as a supporting structure for your vehicle’s roof. Tulsa Windshields can develop chips and cracks; these are unavoidable. When chips appear, car owners are recommended to get carwindow repair Tulsa or go for windshield replacement Tulsa Ok. Make it a point to​    follow some basic care-after rules to make it last longer.


When you choose the best shop, you get your windshield replaced; you get the best job done. Choose windshield replacement Tulsa experts with years of experience and the ones who use​        world-class adhesives and products. Professional windshield repair and replacement teams observe the highest safety standards while repairing a chipped screen or replacing one. Look for those technicians who provide quick and hassle-free services.  A few such shops are operating in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool Coweta.

The technicians’ team also educates car owners about the safety guidelines that they should follow after getting a new screen installed. The windshield is an integral part of your vehicle; hence, it is crucial to take good care of it to avoid further issues. It would be best to consider getting a thorough vacuuming of your vehicle after the replacement procedure.