As the name suggests, car windshield damage Tulsa provides safety while you drive your vehicle. While it may look just like any other glass, but the fact is your vehicle’s windshield is durable window in the car, which is made from two layers of glass fused with a Poly Vinyl Butyral or PVB layer in between. But, it can also get cracks due to various reasons. The damaged windshield needs to be fixed as soon as possible, but it’s not possible in all cases to repair the windshield.

Here we bring to you some common types of windshield chips and cracks that can be easily repaired by the professionals offering services for Car window repair Tulsa OK.

Combination Breaks

Just like the name, combination break is the damage on your windshield with a combination of characteristics. You can feel the damage to look like bullseye with a star break in the center. In some cases, it can also look like a singular impact point with bits of crushed glass around the center.Since there are different types of combination breaks and there are complexities involved, it is very important to perform a detailed assessment to check whether repairs are possible.

When the damage has happened within the driver’s immediate field of vision, it becomes very important to go for Windshield replacement Tulsa as you cannot take any chance with the safety of your co-passengers. And in case the crack or central impact point is severe, you cannot avoid windshield replacement. When the damage occurs outside the driver’s view and if the diameter doesn’t exceed two inches, windshield repair may be possible.

Star Breaks

This type of crack on the windshield damage Tulsa comes with an impact point and small cracks that extend from its center. So we can say its name justifies the type of crack as it looks a lot like a star when you view the damage head-on. In most of the cases, star break is essentially a cross between a chip and small cracks. This is why it would need a detailed diagnostic to assess the severity of the damage to determine whether it’s eligible for repair.

According to the experts, in case the damage exceeds three inches in size, repair can be performed, but in case the size of the damage is located near the edge of the glass, a complete windshield replacement is typically necessary.

Bullseye Breaks

As the name suggests, a bullseye crack looks strikingly just like a bullseye target. While it is never suggested to drive your vehicle with the damage. But it can be repaired in case its diameter doesn’t exceed an inch. On the other hands, there are various incidents when the repair work is not possible. For example when the crack sits within the driver’s immediate field of vision or near the edge of the glass, repairs aren’t so simple.

Although this type of windshield damage Tulsa crack have been mostly found to be easiest to fix. Thus the location of the damage and its level of severity play a huge role. Thus in determining whether auto glass repair Tulsais necessary.

Half-Moon Breaks

This is another common type of windshield crack or damage that can be easily fixed. But again there are various factors that play a huge role. A half-moon crack, unlike its name, looks just like a bullseye, with the only difference that it is only its half of a circle. And you will also notice a black appearance, but it is going to look a lot more like a chip rather than a crack. This type of windshield crack isn’t very common and it can be quite complex and complicated to repair. When the diameter of the damage is less than one inch, repair work is possible on the damage. But at the same time, it is very important to have a professional auto glass repair specialist on the job to assess if the repair is possible or not.

Floater Crack

While this is not a very common type of windshield crack, but still there are chances for it to happen. Floater crack mostly starts at the central part of the windshield glass and then keeps spreading very fast. In case no action has been taken on time to fix it. It is possible to perform the repair work after the height and width of the crack is determined. This is very important to analyze the severity of the damage. As it gives you a good idea of whether to repair or replace the windshield. It is very easy to repair the damage if the crack is not directly in the vision of the driver.

Stress Crack

Have you ever seen a crack that takes place at the end of the windshield damage Tulsa after it gets very old? If yes, then you are familiar with the stress crack. They are also called edge cracks as they generally start at the edge of the windshield.

It is not just important to repair the damage to avoid any unwanted incident while you are driving. But also because these cracks make the windshield more vulnerable to other fractures. If left unattended or not repaired, it can result in creating a situation. Thus where you need to replace the whole windshield. So, it is suggested to get the crack repaired with the help of a professional. When the damage is from a two-to-ten inches in size, repair work can be done easily.

Windshield Damage Tulsa

It is worth notable that even if you believe that repair work is possible on the windshield damage Tulsa. It is very important to let a professional in windshield replacement Tulsa go a detailed analysis of the situation. In case the repair work stands to weaken the glass. It is always a smart ideal to go for windshield replacement. Remember, a fully intact glass offers better safety protection than a repaired one.

Calling a professional for timely windshield repair or replacement is very important. While you can find many windshield repairs Tulsa shops in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow. Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. Furthermore, make sure to find the one with the highest experience in the field.