Get Skiatook windshield replacement today. Driving your vehicle is one of the most wonderful experiences that you can have in a lifetime. But, do you know what makes this experience so good? Of course, the engine of your vehicle and the interior play significant role here, but the clear view that you get is just because of the windshield of your vehicle.

Auto glass is a very vital part of your vehicle, making it very important for the vehicle owners to take special care of the damage it can experience while driving on the road. Besides blocking rain and wind, the auto glass Tulsa protects the passengers and drivers from dirt, dust and other flying objects. Although windshields are designed to avoid shattering of glass and are engineered to bear extreme situations, still they are prone to damage. There are times when you need to go for windshield repair Tulsa or windshield replacement Tulsa. But, you can always prevent things from getting worst. Get Skiatook windshield replacement today.

In this blog, we would like to share with you a list of the dos and don’ts that will help you avoid windshield damage.

Do’s to avoid auto glass damage

  •    Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of yours
  •  Be aware of the distance between your vehicle and the one that’s ahead of you. Try to maintain a distance of a minimum of 2-3 meters from the vehicle ahead. Maintaining this distance is crucial to avoid unforeseen situations and also protecting the windshield. Whenever you notice a dump truck or semi-truck try to stay away from them, get into another lane if possible. Some of the semi-trucks do have mud flaps to avoid flying debris and rock hitting other vehicles; however, it does not always work. To be on the safer side, try to maintain a distance of at least one or two car lengths. The flying debris and other objects can hit your windshield necessitating auto glass repair Tulsa.
  •    Always park the vehicle in the shade
  •  Try to avoid parking your car in the open, especially during extreme weather in winters and summers. Utilize the garages and other parking spots when it is too hot outside. Blazing sun can worsen even the slightest chip to a huge crack. Besides, at high temperature, the glass expands; although the process is not visible to the naked eyes. All these activities can damage and weaken your windshield. If the situation worsens, repairing will not be an option and windshield replacement Tulsa becomes a necessity. Get Skiatook windshield replacement today.
  •    Take smaller roads
  •  In every mapping app or in-car navigation system, these days, you will find an option to avoid freeways. You can choose that option to prevent your auto glass. Traveling through smaller roads would protect your auto glass because you would drive at a slower speed and it will also reduce your chances to encounter large trucks.
  •    Wash the auto glass thoroughly 
  • Accumulation of dust, grime, debris, and dirt can complicate windshield repair Tulsa. In case your windshield has a crack or a chip, wash the auto glass more frequently to avoid settling dirt on the stressed area. Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the glass once you are done washing it. Get Skiatook windshield replacement today.
  •    Drive defensively
  •  Accidents are one of the top reasons which cause extensive damage to the windshield glass. Defensive driving can allow you to prevent various car crashes. You have to stay alarmed and alert whenever you are driving because it takes less than a second for the situation to change on the road.

Dont’s to avoid auto glass damage

  •    Avoid driving by construction sites
  •  By driving by the construction sites you are putting your windshield at a greater risk of getting damaged. From sharp nails to stones several things can become an airborne threat to your auto glass. They can cause a chip or even a deep crack on the surface of the glass necessitating repair or even replacement in severe cases.
  •    Do not use chemical-based cleaners
  •  Avoid using harsh cleaners that contain chemicals such as ammonia. These chemicals can cause discoloration, which will impede vision. Once the auto glass is discolored, there is no going back and you’ll have to go for windshield replacement in Tulsa OK. Use cleaners that are manufactured to clean the auto glass. Besides, use a soft cloth or paper towel to clean the glass. Don’t clean it using a harsh brush because they can easily scratch the glass.
  •    Never delay the maintenance of windshield wipers
  • Many people do not know this but windshield wipers can cause greater damage to the auto glass if not maintained regularly. Once the wipers get old, the inner metal component is exposed which can cause deep scratches on the auto glass which might become difficult to repair. Get Skiatook windshield replacement today.
  •    Don’t try to replace the windshield yourself
  •  Do not even think of replacing the auto glass yourself. Windshield replacement is a technical process and only experts and professionals are qualified to do it. By replacing the windshield yourself, you will only put yourself in danger. Even if you manage to remove the old windshield and place the new one, you will never know if you have placed the glass correctly. The glass needs to be placed accurately as an incorrectly placed glass is a threat to the structural integrity of the vehicle. Besides, if the glass is not placed correctly, chances are high that it will damage quickly. Thus, to be safe it’s important to get your windshield replaced by an expert only.

Skiatook Windshield Replacement

Your windshield might end up getting damaged no matter how preventive you are, as some situations are inevitable. If you notice any damage, immediately get it repaired from a reputed shop in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) and surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. Calling only a certified professional is very important as not just anyone can handle the job. Remember it is about the safety of your loved ones. Get Skiatook windshield replacement today.