Get Jenks auto glass repair today. We’ve all been there: A snowstorm is on the way, and you’re driving home the night it’s going to hit. Windshield wipers are left up vertically positioned in parking lots and on streets. Other cars’ wipers are being set in the “down” position. Some vehicles in driveways have all their wipers turned up. You may be perplexed as to why certain drivers do this and others do not. We’re here to dissect the two viewpoints and give our view on which is the better choice.

Is It Better to Leave the Windshield Wipers Up or Down?

Let’s be honest on one thing: There is no strong consensus about which direction is correct or incorrect. Each side has its motives for believing their methodology is right, particularly those from the Northeast, who are used to cold mornings and frost heaves!

Wiper Blades Are Left Down for Several Purposes.

  • The spring that normally holds the wiper blade close to the windshield will be pressured if the wiper is left up.
  • When the wiper blade is left up, the rubber blade’s edge is visible and may be affected by UV light or dirt.
  • If the wiper blade does not remain locked in the “up” spot, it will slam violently against the windshield, thus shattering it.

Wiper Blades Are Left Up for Some Purposes.

  • In snowy weather, to keep the wipers from sticking to the windshield.
  • To reduce the chance of the wiper blade stuck to the windshield and causing damage.
  • It allows removing ice and snow off the windshield much faster.
  • Warn people that extreme weather is on the way. Get Jenks auto glass repair today.

Is It Safer to Leave Wipers Up or Down Throughout a Snowstorm?

Let’s have a look at each of the motives mentioned above and see which one carries more weight. Both viewpoints are right. First and foremost, if you’ve ever seen your windshield wiper blades stuck to your windshield, you know how tough it is to remove them. Second, wiper blades are delicate, and destroying them will be a loss. Third, when scraping ice and snow from around or below wiper blades, they should always be driven up or out of the way. Get Jenks auto glass repair today.

However, there’s a possibility that the wiper won’t last in the up spot and could slam right down on the windshield. Although the wiper blade can be positioned upright, a bounce or strong wind is normally enough to force the tensioner spring to drop it down against the windshield.

Moreover, the silicone windshield wiper blade stiffens as the temperature falls. In particular, as the temperature decreases, the glass windshield gets more porous. These two factors account for a dangerous combination if the wiper drops down on the windshield. This has also been reported to cause windshield cracking, necessitating a windshield replacement Tulsa. Get Jenks auto glass repair today.

It’s Better to Replace the Wiper Blade Instead of a Windshield?

You may be able to save your wiper blades; however, you run the risk of losing your windshield. A windshield blade costs about $25, which requires only 5 minutes to replace. A windshield repair Tulsa, on the other side, costs around $350 on median and may take the professional some hours in case of replacement! Get Jenks auto glass repair today.

Keep Your Windshield Clean During a Snowstorm

We’re here to suggest a third solution—one that combines elements from all groups. A mat is used to cover the windshield in this process.

  • Use a mat that is firm enough to remain upright by itself but not that firm that it does not adapt to the windshield’s curves.
  • Raise the wiper blades, set the mat in position, and gently lower the wiper on the mat.
  • Raise the wiper blades, then remove the mat just after the snowstorm has ended, and you can drive now.
  • If maneuvering the mat off the truck, be cautious to prevent as much snow from sliding off as possible.
  • Take note not to reach the wiper arms when doing so. If at all possible, make somebody keep them vertically.
  • Adjust the wiper arms lower steadily.
  • Remove the snow from the mat and store it.
  • Clean some excess snow from across the wiper arms by lifting and gently lowering one at a time.

Prevent the Formation of Ice on Your Wiper Blades.

“What should I do about the ice clumps developing on my wiper blades when I have to drive today?” is a fear that people have in them during the winter. There’s positive news and negative news here. The positive news is that you’re not the only one! The unfortunate news is that the solution is not that easy. Here are five strategies to prevent your wiper blades from developing ice:

  • Cleaning Wiper Blades by Rubbing Alcohol
  •  Dip a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol and scrub the car’s wiper blades. This should keep them from sticking to the windshield and refreezing.
  • Heated Windshield Washer Lubricant: 

    Thus, this is more popular in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma), and other suburbs, including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta,where winter temperatures regularly drop below zero. Not only does the hot fluid break through the ice, but it also renders “road grime” quicker to remove. And if any clumping happens, it would not continue as long. In “cold-weather” packages, heated windshield washer services might be available.


  • De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid:
  • When combined with newer “winter blades” that are rubber-coated, a windshield washer fluid that is chemically designed to avoid icing may help minimize the amount of freezing. This approach should function well, but only at speeds below 35 miles per hour.


  • Wiper Shaker:

    This is a fascinating approach that includes hard-wiring a tiny motor that connects to the arm of your wiper blades by you, or most definitely a trained car mechanic. It allows the blade to vibrate, breaking away the debris and ice that has accumulated as it is switched on.


  • Everblades:

    This could be the best choice for anyone passionate about addressing this problem. Since the blades are hot, they do not freeze and therefore do not shape frost. Get Jenks auto glass repair today.


Jenks Auto Glass Repair

Furthermore, Glassworks Auto Glass believes that the “leaver-uppers” or “decidedly-downers” of windshield wipers will agree that this approach can be applied one day. Meanwhile, connect with our auto glass repair Tulsa experts near you when your windshield needs to be fixed this winter. Get Jenks auto glass repair today.