You must have heard the term Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), and may have some idea about what it is. But, you may not know how it works, and why it is so important. Let’s start by telling you that it is an advanced driving technology that makes driving much safer. The main aim of this technology is to reduce accidents that happen due to driver error. ADAS alerts the driver of the obstacles in the path. ADAS uses lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance and blind-spot monitoring to alert the driver.

How do ADAS sensors work?

The ADAS System is very technologically advanced. To provide quick alerts to the driver the ADAS uses a range of different sensors so that it can identify what is going around your car. The system can use one sensor or a combination of sensors with the help of sensor fusion.

It is important to know that ADAS sensors require precision in calibration. In case it isn’t calibrated properly the system will not work properly.

During windshield replacement or during accidents the system might get misplaced thus the system will process false information. Therefore even if the ADAS system gets misaligned slightly the entire system should be recalibrated as soon as possible.

Due to the misalignment of ADAS sensors, the vehicle’s computer system might cause problems and warning lights might also turn faulty. Additionally, misalignment of the system might also cause failure to alert the drivers which might result in a collision or even serious accident.

What can disturb the functionality of ADAS?

The windshield repair or replacement alignment of ADAS cameras will get disturbed. Even a slight Misalignment with the alignment of any cameras or sensors can disturb the functionality of the overall system. Here are some of the things that can disturb the functionality of the ADAS.

  • Getting new tires for your vehicle can disturb the alignment of ADAS
  • After wheel alignment
  • After the vehicle has met with an accident, even if the windshield isn’t damaged

Anything that disturbs the placement of your sensors and cameras even by a degree can disturb the functionality of the entire ADAS system. If the cameras and sensors are misaligned even by a little the safety of you and your loved ones would be disturbed.

Things you need to know before getting ADAS recalibration 

What are your financial problems with your safety systems then it is high time that you should get an ADAS recalibration? Of course, when you have a windshield replacement or repair you must get this system recalibrated as soon as possible.

Then you might either need a dynamic recalibration, static recalibration or even both, this depends upon the stipulations of the manufacturer. Both dynamic and static recalibration requires an hour.

In case you want ADAS recalibration as a part of windshield repair or replacement then you should expect a higher overall cost than the normal cost of windshield repair or replacement. Since recalibration would require additional time and you should also expect that The appointment will take a longer time. Where are some of the technologies that you should Look at in your ADAS system:

  • Autonomous emergency brake

The autonomous emergency brake is popularly known as AEB attacks the rate of braking depending upon the risk of accident to help in avoiding the impact damage.

  • Electronic brakeforce distribution 

Electronic brakeforce distribution, popularly known as EBD, works to defer the amount of force that is applied automatically with the brakes.

  • Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control also known as a CC slows or speeds up the vehicle automatically so that you keep a safe speed with the vehicle that is in front of you.

  • Lane departure warning 

When departure warning or LBW monitors the markings on the lane and tracks the direction of the vehicle in relation to these lanes. The system will alert the driver when The vehicle moves out of the lane. In some cases, the system moves one step ahead and corrects the steering of the wheel to keep it inside the lane.

  • Intelligent speed assistance

Intelligent speed assistance alerts the driver when the speed limit exceeds

  • Parking assistance technologies

Parking assistance technologies include reversing sensors, reversing cameras, parking pilots who park the car for the driver.

Should you get a static recalibration or a dynamic recalibration?

There are two types of ADAS recalibration that you can get- dynamic recalibration and static recalibration. Static recalibration is also called shop calibration. Sensor calibration is done in a workspace which is OEM recommended.

In the case of Static recalibration, the sensors can be recalibrated even without driving the car. This is done with the help of special targets to the automobile’s location. Dynamically calibration as its name suggests tests the calibration At the time when the vehicle is in a dynamic condition, that is on the road.

Benefits of ADAS system

The major benefit of the 80 AS system is to reduce the drive down costs and improve road safety for everyone. Here are some of the additional benefits of the ADAS system:

The ADAS system leads to fewer accidents which reduce the damage to the vehicles. Therefore it reduces the cost of repairs. Some of the insurers also offer a reduced cost for vehicles with the ADAS. Besides that, fewer claims might help you to improve the insurance premium.


This is an awesome time to be a driver. Technological advancements in the automobile industry have revolutionized the experience of driving. With the help of advanced Driver assistance systems or ADAS technology parking and driving is much safer now. If you want to get this technology installed in your vehicle, then you must go to a reputed shop. There are quite a few such shops available in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Coweta. So, approach them and get the best service and advice.