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Windshields are an integral part of cars, which saves lives and enables you to drive comfortably. Windshields protect the driver from various weather conditions and ensure a safe driving experience by reducing glare, protecting passengers from flies or bugs, and ensuring a comfortable environment. Having an appropriate and safe discount mobile glass Owasso is one of the best ways to increase safety while driving on the road.

The windshield is the second most important factor when it comes to car crashes; the first is the seat belt.

The windshield serves an important role in the vehicle, and when it cracks or damages, it can affect the way you use your car. When these damages arise, you should know what to do and which type of windshield you should get.

If you get into an accident or any misbehave happened with your discount mobile glass Owasso and need to replace it, or are in need of new auto glass for any other reason, there are several options to choose from. The first thing to consider is what type of break you have and if you need a replacement glass or not. For this, let’s discuss some common types of breaks in auto glass so that you can understand the situation better.

Types of Breaks in Auto Glass

Whether you just had an annoying crack on your windshield or a long break is spreading across the glass, there are various types of windshield cracks that can occur. Some discount mobile glass Owasso cracks are more common than others. If you’ve experienced a crack, you may be wondering what kind of damage it may cause. Below, I have mentioned some common crack types and their damages.

Bull’s Eye:

This is the most common type of auto glass break, and it can be caused by a round shape small but hard object. It could be rock or another solid thing that crashes on your car’s glass with powerful motion. It could be repaired if it causes minor damage to your glass. But, if the damage is big or any big rock or object has collided with your windshield, then it would be difficult to get it repaired.


This is another common type of auto glass break, this type of crack can be identified when a smaller piece of your glass comes out from its place. It can happen due to the small and sharp object’s collision. This type of damage can happen while driving on the road or while your vehicle is parked. You can easily get this type of damages fixed by consulting a decent windshield repair services provider.

Crack Chip:

It is the simplest type of auto glass break that can be happened due to many reasons. The discount mobile glass Owasso chip is a kind of breakage line that can appear on your car’s glass due to pressure, and minor collision. Thin and small crack chip breakage can be easily repaired by spending a few bucks, and you don’t have to replace the whole glass.

Edge Crack:

As the name states, the crack that starts from the edges of the glass are called edge cracks and can be repaired depending on their size. If the edge crack is long and affects the glass’s central area, then it is not recommended to get it repaired. Instead, you should immediately replace it because it can expand and damage the whole glass.

Floater Crack:

This type of crack can be caused by smaller objects hitting the center or middle of the glass. These types of cracks are not bigger and do not expand that much. If the floater crack doesn’t affect your visibility, you can get it repaired.

Half Moon:

The half-moon cracks are similar to the bull’s eye cracks but are not completely round in shape. They are also caused by some smaller and solid object collisions, and you can get them repaired.

Long Crack:

As the name resembles, long cracks are usually longer than the ones mentioned above. They are commonly caused by wrong pressure and collision of the vehicle. You can’t get them fixed or repaired because they make the glass weak, and it would be dangerous to drive a vehicle with long cracks on its glasses.

Star Break:

It is one of the most dangerous breaks in auto glass. The star break cracks resemble a star or spider web appearance, and they rapidly expand in all directions of windows. They are usually caused by the impact of a sharp object’s collision at the center part of the discount mobile glass Owasso. The auto glass experts do not recommend repairing star breaks as they can be dangerous and safety concerns while driving. So, you should replace the glass in this situation.

Stress Crack:

These types of cracks don’t have any starting points; they just appear on your windshield due to overpressure and extreme temperature. The stress cracks are dangerous and are not recommended to get repaired as they make the glass weak.

Combination Break:

As the name states, the combination of different cracks is called a combination break in auto glass. This usually happens when the vehicle met with an accident. While driving at high speed or your car gets collided with some solid object. So, this type of break is hard to repair. That is why almost all windshield repair experts recommend replacing the windshield. Repairing the combination break auto glass is complex and has safety concerns.

When to Replace the Windshield?

According to the discount mobile glass Owasso, you should replace your vehicle’s windshield when the crack is dangerous, longer than 6 inches, expanding, or deep. Besides, if your windshield has combination breaks. In that case, you should immediately replace it. Because different types of cracks on a single windscreen can make it weak, and it is dangerous to drive that vehicle.

Moreover, if the cracks affect the windshield’s visibility, you should replace it instead of getting it repaired. Because standard repairing methods just fill the cracks with some crystal or powder material, they can still affect the visibility. So, never compromise on the visibility. Get your windshield replaced with the new one for the sake of your safety.