Did you just spot a tiny crack on windshield? What made you think that it will not spread and that it will not bother you further? Well, you should take proper measures to stop that crack on your windshield from spreading or else it can cause serious damage. Cracks in windshields when present in the line of vision of the driver cause a huge discomfort. People usually tend to ignore the problem of having just a small crack in their windshield.  And, this is the biggest mistake that they make.

No matter what size and kind of crack you are experiencing on your auto glass Tulsa, it is not worth ignoring.  You need to be very alert when it happens. The crack will soon develop into something major for any reason like when the temperature fluctuates or your glass experiences stress while driving.

Also, it reduces the integrity and visibility of your vehicle’s windshield. People often think that a tiny crack is a trivial matter, and hence ignore it for several days. You should be aware that a crack can develop into a big one promptly and makes it risky for you to drive. Also, driving with a chipped crack on windshield is illegal. Car Window Repair Tulsa​ or​ replacement is recommended to get rid of the problem at the earliest.

What Causes Crack on Windshield to Spread?

It is undeniable that the windshield crack will not go away, and it just develops over time. When the crack is a minor one, you can get your auto glass repaired, but once it grows, repairing it will not help and you will have to opt for its replacement. Hence, taking expert advice, in the beginning, is recommended, and they will help you with Windshield repair Tulsa​, if feasible.​

There are a few factors that influence the spread of chips or cracks on your car glass. For instance, fluctuations in cold and hot temperatures, hitting an object on the window while driving, etc. Even a small crack that is barely visible weakens the entire windshield. It doesn’t take much for a tiny crack to develop into something big. Usage of windshield wipers, facing tiny bumps while driving, ice on the windshield may force the crack on windshield to spread.

When so many factors are working against you, there are still some ways in which you can prevent the crack from spreading.  Let’s guide you on how to prevent a small issue from transforming into a major one.

Tips to Prevent Windshield Cracks from Spreading:

  • Super Glues May Work
  • You can choose to buy cyanoacrylate adhesive and use it​ on your windshield cracks. They are sold as super glues and are effective on those tiny cracks. You can apply the glue on cracks and spread it uniformly. It will hold the windshield together. Two factions of break are held by the adhesive that stops your windshield from cracking further.


  • Keep a Windshield Repair Kit


  • With the help of a windshield repair kit, you can​ yourself mend tiny cracks on the auto glass Tulsa​. Buy a windshield repair kit from​ a reputed shop in your locality. It contains an adapter and a resin substance that is applied to the cracks of the windshield to prevent it from getting affected further. The resin helps to seal the fissure externally, and it is also effective in reducing the stress on your windshield that limits further spreading. Auto glass repair Tulsa is apparent for minor chips and cracks.​ Always make sure you get your auto glass repaired on time.


  • Park your Vehicle in Shade
  • Along with high temperature, the velocity of wind and​ storm, and the intensity of cold are responsible for making the cracks on your windshield larger. Choose to park your car in the shade since it helps in suppressing the impact of weather settings and other atmospheric components. Always park your car at such places where the pressure on your car glass is less. Continuous pressure will result in damaging it further, and you may have to opt for windshield Replacement Tulsa OK.


  • Seek Help from Windshield Specialists
  • You can opt for expert advice from a​professional. They have adequate information and knowledge on the same with which they can readily assist you. With all the required tools and supplies that are beneficial in getting small cracks on the windshield fixed. Thus they can save you from investing hugely in getting windshield Tulsa replacement​. They can also restrain ​the dimension of the crack and make your windshield look petite than it is.

Please note, there is no guarantee that tips and tricks will help. Thus preventing the crack from spreading, you can try them. Also, get expert help for your cracks, if the below-mentioned tips are not effective.  These experts are available in windshield repair shops in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta

Tulsa Auto Glass

The windshield of your vehicle plays a substantial role in furnishing driving safety to the drivers and passengers. It is better not to neglect even the tiniest crack on an integral part of your vehicle. Sometimes little fixation measures are more than enough to hold the durability of the windscreen. Therefore, you should go for it without further delays. Once it develops into something considerable. You will not be left with an option other than getting the windshield replacementTulsa.