Do you need a car window replacement Tulsa? Driving a car is an extraordinary feeling. It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle of choice is a sedan, a bus, or maybe an RV; certain things sound similar. The sound of the motor as you start it, the feeling of movement you get even when you’re not even moving around, the sense of driving up to higher speeds on the freeway, and also more! Indeed, getting behind the wheel can be almost as enthusiastic as it is helpful!

The truth is that traveling from point A to point B has never been simpler since the advent of automobiles, and new cars are steadily improving. Of course, we all must be vigilant on the open road, particularly when driving in the fog, as unsafe climatic conditions can pose a dangerous safety danger. Get car window replacement Tulsa today!

Even if it is bright and the road vision is not affected at all, it would only take a moment not to pay attention to anything terrible that is going to happen. However, even though you’re a seasoned driver, you can take extra care and avoid unnecessary car damages. That’s why the following are several tips for driving safely in the fog:

Use Low Beam

First and foremost— turn to a low beam and leave it. In our mind, we have this set impression that a high beam indicates more light. This is not true; the concentrated light is stronger. When the headlight beam is on maximum when driving into the fog, the light disperses, leaving the vehicle and the approaching car clear to none. Drop the low beam to use fog lights too. Get car window replacement Tulsa today.

Use Hazard Warning Lights

Be sure you change the warning lights on, irrespective of whether you’re driving in the nighttime or the day. Hazard warning lights will let other vehicle drivers learn about your position on the road and your vehicle’s size, which is essential.

Drive Steadily

Don’t drive fast, even though you know the route on the back of your hand. A little error of judgment is enough to trigger a significant crash, and still, moving slowly would allow you sufficient time to respond if the approaching car has overturned the corner and you need to drive away.

Follow the Road Signs

Another essential measure to be made is to observe the road markings. Roads are labeled in the middle and on the side—follow the left marks. This is the most effective way to navigate the dense fog, and this technique of pursuing the left line on the road will also help you be safe from wandering over on the other side (right lane) of the road.

Use the Defogger

Yes, the windshield is often fogging up, and it might look like the fog outside is getting stronger. Use the defogger to keep the windows clear, helping to improve vision. Often, ensure you have quite enough windshield cleaning liquid, and the windows, along with the rear glass of the vehicle, are clear from the outside.

Turn Down the Volume of the Music

You will need the utmost focus to get through the foggy surroundings, which means you will have to use your ears to react to whatever is happening outside. Switch the car’s music down and focus. Even the slightest sounds that your ears pick up might save your life, such as tires squealing that could alert you that a vehicle has lost control or pedestrians by the roadside attempting to attract your focus to something meaningful.

Avoid Driving After Drinking

Drunk driving of alcohol is terrible enough in normal conditions, much less in the fog where the reaction speed and focus must be 10 times quicker and higher.

Give Signal to the Car Behind

If you try to make a turn or pause and there’s a car behind you, make sure you’ve signaled it correctly before you make a pass. Cars smashing into vehicles from behind are quite normal in fog and, in most cases, due to lack of adequate signaling.

Maintaining Enough Distance from Car Ahead 

Do not tailgate. There should be enough distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. Like the above, the cars hitting from behind in the fog are regular. Give it enough space to hold the vehicle in front of the tail light in your sight, which will let you know if the car is turning or stopped. This exercise would also help allow you enough room to respond when there is a mishap.

Make Sure Both Headlights Are Working

Don’t ever go out when one of your headlights doesn’t function. It will confuse coming vehicles to believe that your car is a two-wheeler that might end up in a nasty wreck. The arriving vehicles will not know until the last second because the vehicles realize it could be too late by the point the vehicles realize. Ensure both headlights are functioning correctly and both fog lamps are functioning right.

Realize When to Stop Driving

If you feel uncertain about the ability to drive in thick fog, don’t do it. Even if you must get there as soon as possible, it’s more vital that you get there in a safe condition. Fog can be quite challenging to handle, and there’s no particular reason to check it out. You could hit bumps on the ground, break your car windows, or even get into a collision.

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