Nothing is more frustrating than the moment when a rock suddenly hits car glass Tulsa while riding down the highway. The rock is sure to leave a chip in its place, and your windshield is damaged. When left unrepaired, a minor chip will turn into a major crack, putting the life of the driver and passengers in danger. You should not drive your vehicle with a broken windshield since it has higher chances of getting shattered whenever pressure is exerted.

Furthermore, a crack can also spread across the car glass Tulsa, thus obstructing the view of the driver. In such situations, windshield replacement Tulsa becomes necessary, since car owners cannot endanger their lives. To get your windshield replaced, we highly recommend hiring windshield replacement experts to get the tasks done.

When you drive your vehicle back home after getting windshield repair Tulsa, it is critical to take adequate care of your vehicle and the new windshield installed. If you are a novice and are not aware of the tips and tricks, this article is for you. We have put together a handy guide for the vehicle owners so that you can enjoy the best possible results and a safe ride.

Before You Drive Back Home

When you get a new windshield installed in your vehicle, you will have to allow sometime to let it get cured. During the installation process of a new windshield, a powerful adhesive is used to create a watertight seal all around the windshield. Irrespective of whether you get the windshield replaced at your home or garage, we recommend you to wait for at least one hour before you drive your vehicle home. It would be best, if you let the seal dry for two hours.

Windshield Care for the First 48 Hours

The windshield needs a good amount of time to get cured completely. Hence, it is integral to drive your vehicle slowly for the first 48 hours. Two days after the initial auto car glass Tulsa replacement your windshield will be ready.

  • Be Gentle with Your Door
  • Opening and closing of doors alter the pressure present inside your vehicle. This pressure potentially compromises the integrity of the adhesive, when it is still in the curing stage. Slamming the doors of your car will puncture the seal, hence we recommend you to slowly close the doors of your car for the first two days.
  • Avoid Touching the Adhesive
  •  During the windshield installation process, adhesive tape is applied across the perimeter of your windshield. It keeps your windshield away from interference of all kinds. That said, dust and debris will stay away during the curing period. Allow this tape to stay in place for two days, after the windshield is installed.
  • Stay Away from Car Washes
  •  You should always keep in mind not to wash your wash under high pressure within the first 48 hours after getting your windshield replaced. Water pressure applied to your windshield may cause the molding to shift or it may also damage the seal. You should wait for two long days and allow the adhesive to fully cure.
  • Keeping Dashboard Clear
  •  Anything touching or pushing your windshield will interfere during the curing process. Hence, you should keep the dashboard clear from all objects. Don’t use the sunshade during the first 48 hours of getting a windshield replacement. Also, if you have to replace your dash mat. We recommend you not to do that within the first 48 hours. Also, do not cover your car while it is standing in the parking lot during the first two days. Thus as the adhesive will get air and it will dry up quickly.

Long-Term Maintenance of your Windshield

To ensure that your windshield keeps performing adequately and stays in the best possible condition. Take some time out and clean the windows of your vehicle. You should do this too often and clean it both from inside and outside. Also, you should choose to park your vehicle out of direct sunlight so that the lifespan of the new windshield gets extended.

If the wiper blades of your vehicle are too old, or don’t function properly, we recommend you to get them replaced to prevent your windshield from getting damaged. Drive with extra care on the gravel or country roads and leave extra room for other vehicles to pass by easily after Auto glass repair Tulsa. If your new windshield gets small chips, we recommend getting it fixed at the earliest so that it doesn’t spread into something major.

Poor Aftercare

Poor aftercare of your new windshield Tulsa OK will not only compromise its integrity, but it will also hamper the overall look of the windshield. The performance of your windshield plays a key role in managing the overall safety of your car. It helps to keep the integrity of your vehicle intact as well. Hence, the passengers inside the vehicles stay protected if ever a collision occurs.

The first 48 hours after getting a new windshield installed are crucial. Hence, you should ensure that the windscreen stays intact and this can only be done when you take adequate care of it. Windshield replacement Tulsa OK is an expensive job and you cannot afford to get it replaced again and again. Following the simple steps, you can take good care of your windshield. The performance of your windshield will not get compromised and you can make the most of it.

The Bottom Line

The windscreen is much more than just an ornamental addition to your vehicle. It helps keep the passengers safe and also maintain the overall structural integrity. Hence, it is an integral component of your car. It shields you and other passengers from flying dust and debris. A chip or a crack on the windshield will make it structurally weak. And will also make it more prone to serious injuries.

To avoid facing major issues during collisions and major accidents, we recommend taking good care of the new windshield. If you ever need to get a windshield replaced, don’t resort to DIY solutions. Hire experts!