The best windshield replacement is one of the most significant yet vulnerable parts of any vehicle. It is the barrier between the outside world and the passengers inside. The windshield not only gives you a clear view of the road ahead, but also acts as a protecting shield against rough wind and bad weather. Having a clear windshield can dramatically reduce the chances of road accidents, too. As casual as it sounds, a clear vision of the road and surroundings is the primary requirement to avoid accidents. It makes it easier for the driver to focus and drive safely.

Although it is illegal to drive with a broken or chipped windshield, people often pay little attention to it. It is the responsibility of any concerned car owner to get their cracked windshield replaced immediately. Safe driving protocols are not something that you should take lightly.

However, it may be a tough job to find the right windshield replacement company. Don’t just choose the first company that you come across online. Browse your options, and get familiar with their services. Clear all your queries before trusting a company with an asset as valuable as your car.

You must consider certain vital factors when choosing the right windshield replacement company for your car. Here we have discussed some of the most common queries that you should discuss with the company of your choice before sealing the deal.

Negotiate Your Needs

Your service requirements depend on the kind of damage on your windshield. You don’t necessarily have always to get your windshield replaced. For some minor cases of chipping or slight cracking, simple repairs can do the job. You should choose the company that offers you optimal repair services at the best price. Glassworks Auto Glass is one of the leading companies that offer the best windshield replacement Tulsa.

Certification Proofs

There are several certifications for windshield repair and replacement companies. The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (ARGSS) is accredited by the American National Institute, developed, and maintained by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC). Then there is the ROLAGS Standard, issued by the National Windshield Repair Association, that must be maintained for any windshield repair service that does not require replacement. Any good company offering auto glass repair Tulsa should be willing to provide you with proof of such certifications. Glassworks Auto Glass is one such company that holds the standard certifications issued for auto glass repair.

Quality of Service

Be it car power window repair or auto glass replacement Tulsa, you should go for the company that provides the best quality service. Remember, cheapness does not always guarantee good. Make sure to check out the kind of windshields the company is using and look for the quality stuff. Dealer or OEM glass is considered to be the best when it comes to auto glass replacement Tulsa OK. Certain companies manufacture their glass for windshields and window replacements, so it’s essential to make sure the glass is not distorted and perfectly fits your car.

Materials Used

When it comes to mobile car window repair or windshield replacement, it is not only the auto glass that needs to be of premium quality. The other materials needed for installing the new windshield should also be top-notch to do the best job. Make sure your technician uses the correct adhesive to hold the new windshield tightly in place. Your technician should use the same adhesive as that of the glass manufacturer. Using the standard urethane with at least a 1000PSI, you can ensure a perfect fit that eliminates all chances of leakage. Glassworks Auto Glass uses top-grade materials to provide the best services of windshield repair Tulsa.

Good Customer Service

Another significant point to focus on when looking for the best Tulsa windshield replacement company is customer service. While people often take the quality of customer service lightly, it can be a significant issue when it comes to communicating and negotiating your issues and the kind of services you want. It’s difficult as it is, dealing with a broken windshield, you don’t need a hassle with the repair company’s customer service as well. Besides Oklahoma, Glassworks Auto Glass also provides services to the suburbs, including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta.


A solid warranty is a must when it comes to windshield repair or replacement. Before you finalize a company to work on your car, make sure they provide a warranty or a guarantee for the work they perform so that you don’t have to face any inconveniences later. Some warranties are more extensive and detailed than others, so go through them thoroughly beforehand. A good company that provides auto glass Tulsa will have their warranty cover both the work performed on your vehicle and the auto glass and additional materials used.

Trained Technicians

The most important part of availing of a windshield replacement service. This is making sure that you choose a company with well-trained technicians in the field who know exactly what they are doing. The staff should be certified and adequately qualified to use all the necessary materials. And equipment needed for the proper installation or repairing of a windshield. It is better to look for a company with experienced staff. Who have been working in this line for quite some time now. Ensure the company provides you with at least two technicians because a minimum of two people is required to install a windshield properly. It is not a one-person job, so no compromises are to be accepted. At Glassworks Auto Glass, our technician team consists of well-trained professionals who are capable of providing the best quality service.

Best Windshield Replacement

A broken windshield is nothing short of a nightmare, especially if you can’t go a day without your vehicle. Finding the perfect windshield replacement company is genuinely a concern. Thus, providing their customers with quality service at the best price might be tricky. At Glassworks Auto Glass, we take that load of worries off your shoulders as we treat your car with the utmost care and return it to your hands, good as new and ready to go back on the road!