Everybody knows how vital windshields are for a car. Right?  The windshield is a multi-tasking vehicle component; it protects the passengers from harsh weather and provides a clear view of the driver. It also provides structural integrity to the car. Therefore it is essential to keep the auto glass Tulsa in a healthy state all the time.  So, it is pretty important to know how to identify a genuine windshield.

Wherever you go for Windshield replacement in Tulsa, OK, make sure that you settle for the premium quality, even if it’s a little expensive. However, the market has so many options that it becomes difficult for a non-specialist to know which the genuine windshield is. Numerous duplicate low-quality windshields look exactly like the original one. Don’t panic because, in this post, we will tell you how to identify the genuine windshield. 

But before that, there is another thing that you should know. There are varieties of auto glass available in the market-  Aftermarket and OEM windshields. 

Difference between OEM and Aftermarket Windshields 

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer are manufactured by the same company who made your car’s original windshield. In contrast, aftermarket Windshield manufacturers are different from those who manufacture your car’s auto glass in Tulsa. 

Aftermarket Windshields are cheaper than OEM. While OEM Windshield’s quality is always good, the quality of Aftermarket Windshield might or might not be that good. So if you are looking for a genuine windshield, an OEM windshield is a better choice. 

Ways to identify a genuine windshield 

Many windshield service providers keep aftermarket products because they are more affordable. Most of the time, consumers are kept away from this fact; they do not inform their aftermarket products. The obvious problems that you will face with low-quality aftermarket auto glass are:

  • Water leakage 
  • Air puncture
  • Pressure factors

Thus, the consumer has to stay well informed to avoid these frauds. Here are a few tips that will help you quickly identify genuine windshield :

Windshield logo: 

The windshield logo on the windshield will reveal its identity. An original windshield will have a logo, so all you have to do is identify the logo. However, in some cases, the original windshield doesn’t have a logo. In that case, match the new windshield logo of your vehicle with the damaged glass. Now compare to know if the windshield is original or not. Frequently, you will find the company logo on the windshield’s screen. 

The “monogram” or “bug” :

 In the automotive glass industry, the permanent bug is called the “monogram” or the “bug.” You will generally find this stamp on the rump angle of the auto glass. The monogram has all the essential information which can prove beneficial to both consumers and sellers. This stamp will prove helpful if you want a windshield replacement in Tulsa. This stamp will help you identify a genuine windshield. 

Logo examination 

We have already told you that a logo on the windshield has much important information, which will tell you if the glass is original, but it will also tell you about the glass’s quality. Here are some markings along with their meaning that you might find on the logo. 

  • LAMINATED AS1: It means that the auto glass has successfully passed all tests set by US federal regulations. 
  • AS2: this marking means that the glass doesn’t resist every impact test. 
  • AS3: Glass with this marking is considered as privacy glass. 
  • E, along with a circle: if you find this on your auto glass, it means that it is arranged in Europe. 
  • CCC along with a ring: The auto glass is given to China. Remember that CCC is equal to the AS1 rating.


Apart from these facts, other things will also help you know if the auto glass is genuine or not. These facts are:

  • The original auto glass will have a better outlook than a duplicate one. 
  • A genuine windshield will have a more abrupt reflection as compared to the fake auto glass.
  • A right quality windshield will be clear and not blurry as a low-quality windshield. 
  • The excellent auto glass will be adequately curved. 
  • You will be more comfortable while driving if your windshield is original. Your windshield won’t be tired, and your eyes will have a more comfortable experience. 
  • A genuine windshield will manipulate the internal heating process, and the internal temperature will stay mild. 

GlassWorks Auto Glass Tulsa

These were a few amazing facts that will help you identify a genuine windshield from a fake one very easily. So the next time you go for auto glass repair in Tulsa in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs of Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Coweta or if you want to replace your windshield, make you check the windshield properly. Now that you know all the tips and tricks, you can identify a high-quality windshield in just a few minutes.