Is Gorilla Glass the Future for Auto Glass?

Each day automobile engineers worldwide are striving to bring in newer technology that can replace the old ones. In terms of your windshield, too, there have been a series of new developments. This can excite you as a buyer. Are you aware of the future of auto glass Tulsa

You must be well aware that windshields today perform a variety of functions apart from their traditional ones. First, they protect the interiors from dirt and dust and offer the driver an excellent road view. Apart from that, they offer high structural strength to your car and hold the roof in its right place. The deployment of safety features such as the airbags on the front seats is closely tied to the windshield.

With such multi-faceted functions, your Auto glass Tulsa must have high tensile strength, scratch-resistant surface, and better quality than ordinary glass. This is where the gorilla glasses come into play.

Why Opt For Gorilla Glasses?

You may have come across the name of Gorilla glass while looking into features of smartphones. They give your smartphone screens the strength to handle the impact of falls and are incredibly light-weight. Impressed by these features, the auto engineers have begun to use gorilla glass for manufacturing the exterior auto glass in Tulsa, OK.

Traditionally, the windshield glasses used so far were manufactured by sealing together layers of glass. And a thin layer of polymer in between. While these glasses are very sturdy, they are brittle, meaning they can easily crack under pressure. Further, since they were composed of many glass layers, even a small chip in any one layer. Can pose a considerable problem for visibility. The glasses fused to produce a prism effect, and the small chip-off looks bigger than it actually is.

Given that the traditional glasses get easily damaged, there is a frequent need for auto glass in Tulsa.

The Future Of Windshields- Gorilla Glass

Known to be lightweight, damage-resistant, and exceptionally thin. Gorilla glass first made its entry in 2007 to cover smartphones and tablets. Ever since then, they have become extremely popular with the users for their superb performance and quality. Gorilla glasses are a class of chemically treated glasses. In this type of glass, a layer of it is dipped in a particular salt solution. This improves both the strength and the visibility of the glasses. They are at least 75% lighter in weight than the glasses that were used earlier.

Owing to the reception that it received in the market, the leading manufacturers of these glasses tied up. With car producers to introduce them in the automotive industry. Similar in design and properties to what is used in your smartphones. Gorilla glasses manufactured for cars are generally bigger in size and have a much better optical quality. Apart from that, opting for gorilla glasses during your next windshield replacement in Tulsa can offer you a host of other advantages, some of which have been discussed in details below:


Though the gorilla glasses are not totally unbreakable, they are far more resistant to pressure and impact than the ordinary glasses used in auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK. So, even if a heavy object accidentally hits the glass, there are fewer chances of breaking. Thus you are far less likely to need a replacement once you have installed these glasses.


You may not have noticed it, but heavier cars generally consume more oil than lightweight ones. Though the difference in fuel consumption may seem to be minute, it does make a vast difference over time. With the lighter Gorilla classes installed as your auto glass Tulsa, your car automatically weighs lesser than it would with traditional windshields. So, the fuel efficiency of your car automatically goes up.

Better Visibility

Gorilla glasses are prepared through chemical processes to superimpose too many layers of glass. Thus they tend to offer the driver much clearer visibility of the road ahead. The difference can especially felt if you are driving through bad weather. Or at night when natural visibility is usually low.  

Better Safety

With your windshields, too, it is no different. Replacing your ordinary glass with gorilla glasses during your next auto glass repair in Tulsa can increase the safety of your vehicle manifold. Being tougher than ordinary glasses, they provide better protection in case of rollovers or crashes. And thus the increased visibility reduces the chances of a collision.

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