Let me ask you something. Do you know what the essential components of your car are? Okay, let me guess; some of your car’s basic parts are doors, wheels, door handles, and tail lights. Right? All these are permanent fixtures, even on the most basic car model. But, don’t you think that we are missing something here? Well, it’s the auto glass. It is the most underrated installation on any vehicle, but it the most important. Safety glass on the windshield is an integral part of your car. 

 Even though the windshield glass has undergone a lot of development over the years, the windshield performs one of the most important car functions, as it saves passengers from bodily harm. But do you know what makes material like glass so strong?

 One needs to understand their basic chemistry to make out which one is good and which is not up to the mark. Alas! Everyone is not a windshield glass expert, and not everyone knows the chemistry of glass. However, a few little and easy to know things are the key points to tell the quality of glass.  

One of the most important components in making glass is silica sand. It may be the main component in glassmaking, but it is not the only essential component. A few other glasses are soda ash, dolomite, limestone, Aluminum oxide, potassium oxide, and more. 


All these ingredients are combined to produce glass, and they are heated to a very high temperature. These ingredients are mixed with water. After that, they are heated to produce the glass. Because all the components are fused, this process is called chemical fusion, and rightly so.

Silica sand and Soda Ash

Sand is the main ingredient used in making glass. But if you want to make the best type of glass, then you must use silica sand. The best way to know this is to check the clarity of the glass. It can be quickly done by checking inside the glass for impurities and checking the level of transparency.

Silica is what makes auto glass. If you take into consideration all the ingredients, Silica is used 60 to 70 percent. Hence, it is a crucial ingredient. Then there is soda ash. It reduces the melting point of the admixture. 

Aluminum oxide

Silica sand is pretty essential, but what boosts the quality of glass is aluminum oxide. If you ask any glass producer, they will tell you that a chemical needs to be added to any glass produced these days.

Aluminum oxide plays a key role in producing high-quality auto glass and is thus used by a plethora of glass manufacturing companies. If you aluminum oxide in the glassmaking procedure, you will get a stronger glass of good optical quality.

Potassium oxide

Potassium oxide is an important glass making ingredient, which is used to tell the auto glass quality. It plays a very crucial role in the thermal expansion of glass. Simply put, it helps the glass to be able to expand at extreme heat. Do you know why it is essential? It’s because of some glassware break, particularly tumblers when exposed to extreme heat.

Dolomite, limestone, and Cullet

Limestone (CaCO3) and dolomite ((CaMg)(CO3)2) are used to create auto glass. Cullet also contributes to making a windshield strong and binding. Limestone improves the finished product’s durability, while dolomite allows easier working of the melted material.

Auto Glass Tulsa

Well, now you know the essential components that Key Ingredients to Look for in Quality (Windshield) Glass are limestone, cullet, silica sand, soda ash, and dolomite. 

All the ingredients are mixed with a little quantity of water and heated at a pretty high temperature. This is where the process of chemical fusion takes place. And, as a result, these ingredients combine to present you with a completely new substance called auto glass.