A Guide for Damaged Windshields

A cracked or damaged windshield of your car doesn’t only look bad but also a severe concern for the passengers’ safety in the vehicle. You should consider getting the damage examined by some experts from renowned stores of auto glass Tulsa. There are different types of damages because getting it inspected by some experts can give you an idea of whether you can get it repaired or replaced. The different types of windshield damages are:

Combination Break

It is both a crack and a chip as the chip is like a bull’s eye, and the damage extends to a few inches. A cracked auto glass Tulsa should be replaced, especially if it has a combination break. 

Half-Moon Chip

It is somewhat the same as the bull’s eye chip, but it is slightly different in shape as it has a semi-circular shape.

Chip Pit

It is the type of damage in which an object from outside hits the windshield, leaving the top layer damaged. As long as it hasn’t penetrated deep enough in the second layer, it should be an easy job of windshield repair auto glass Tulsa. The chip looks like a pothole on the windshield, but it doesn’t impact the driver’s line of sight.

Bull’s Eye Chip

It looks like a circle with a hole in the middle penetrating deep. It can be caused by a stone hit at speed, making the impact hard on the windshield.

Reasons for Getting Chipped Windshield Repaired Instantly

Increase in Damage

You should get your windshield checked for repairs as soon as possible after any damage because it may increase with time. If you ignore a chip thinking that you can get it fixed later, you are harming your car as a simple repair job can lead to a auto glass Tulsa repair. A simple chip can get worse and develop into a crack, which will cost you way more to get a replacement.

Damages Driver’s Line of Sight

It is a severe problem if the driver’s sightline is somehow compromised, and a chipped windshield contributes to it. It can lead to a disaster which may end up costing people’s life. So, it is always a better idea to get a windshield replacement in auto glass Tulsa.

Safety Issues

A windshield is essential for a car’s structural integrity as it protects the passengers in case of an accident. It keeps the passengers from breaking out of the vehicle in an impact and holds the roof in its place in case of a rollover accident. A damaged windshield could cause an accident to be more severe. 

The Downfall in the Value of the Car

A broken windshield not only damages the integrity but also the market value of the car. A buyer will never pay the amount you want, which will end up costing you more than the repair costs of auto glass Tulsa.

When Can You Get the Windshield Repaired?

The exact specifications can only be told by an expert, which you can consult at any good auto glass Tulsa. But you can get an idea of what can be repaired and what will be replaced. Several conditions are as follows:


The chips that are not in the driver’s line of sight can be repaired as the repair leaves the area unclear, which is not suitable for the driver. Any problem with the vision can lead to a disaster.


The windshield damage should not reach beyond the middle layer of poly-vinyl butyral. If the damage goes to the inside layer, then the windshield will need to be repaired.


It is essential as only chips that are small in size can be repaired, and the size of it should not be more than an inch.

The professionals can tell you better about the repair job as sometimes the replaceable looking windshields can be repaired. If you go to a good shop of auto glass Tulsa, you can get it done by the professionals with up to 90-95% functionality.

Windshield Replacement Basics

In case of an irreparable windshield, you will need to get a replacement for your windshield. You should get to know some basics before getting a windshield replacement, as it will help you understand the process. The procedure followed by the professionals are as follows:

  1. To avoid falling pieces inside the car so that it does not damage the interior, the windshields are covered.
  2. The windshield is removed with tools help by eliminating the adherent sticking the windshield with the car. The wielding is also cut off if they are to the windscreen anywhere.
  3. The windshield is removed, and the adherent is cleaned to put the new windshield.
  4. The last step is to install the new windshield to the car and apply the adherent to make it stick to the vehicle firmly. 

Drawbacks If the Job is Not Done Correctly

Frame Gaps

If there is a sound of air coming in even when the windows are shut, then there is a gap in the frame, resulting from a lousy job.


If there are noises while driving, then it might be because of a mistake in window installation.

Irregular Patterns

If there is a problem in the line of vision or any distortions, then the windshield is not replaced correctly.

GlassWorks Auto Glass Tulsa

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