Windshield Care Tips for the Summers

Need to know about auto glass replacement and repair in summer? It’s the time for your car to brace itself for the scorching sun. A massive threat is posed to your car’s windshield, making it more susceptible to break or crack. This is why it is essential to prep your car’s windshield.  

Why Does Temperature Matter?

High summer temperatures and intense heat can be hard on your vehicle and your auto glass replacement, especially in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma), and other suburbs like Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. If you have a damaged windshield already then, your problem can worsen if the temperature fluctuates. Windshield cracks are likely to spread when the glass expands during temperature changes.

Tips to Prevent Summer Windshield Damage

Park Your Car in the Shade

If you leave your car under the sun for an extended period, then it can harm your windshield. If your windshield is chipped or cracked, you might have to go for a auto glass replacement and repair if you park a car in the sun. Please park your car in covered areas as it will protect the windshield from direct sunlight.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Change

It can be quite tempting to immediately crank the AC, but it is best to refrain from doing so. That is why auto glass replacement and repair experts in Tulsa recommend that you take time to cool your car’s interior during the humid summer season. It’s best to gradually turn on the AC to give your windshield a chance to adjust. Starter by rolling down your windows and allow heated air to escape. This will reduce the temperature inside the car as you gradually turn on the AC.

Be Careful While Washing the Windshield

Experts of auto glass Tulsa recommend avoiding removing the car’s windshield in direct sunlight or when the windshield is heated during summer. If you spray cold water on the heated windshield, it can cause the glass to suddenly crack. It is more likely to happen if your glass is already chipped or damaged. It is ideal for washing your car in the evening when the temperature drops.

Handle Door with Care

You can avoid windshield replacement in Tulsa if you make it a point to close your car doors gently. Slamming the door can be a sure way of aggravating the damage if your windshield already has cracks or chips. It is because the slamming doors can cause vibrations to the windscreen through the car. These vibrations can cause minor chips or damages to your car’s windshield, leading to spreading quickly, especially if your windshield is vulnerable due to summer heat.

Invest in a Car Windshield Shade

One of the best ways to ensure your windshield is protected from the sun’s adverse effects is to invest in the right quality windshield that prevents the windshield from being heated up from direct sun rays. The car windshield shades available at auto glass repair Tulsa shops are quite portable as you can place them over your car windshield whenever you require them.

Prompt Repair or Replacement

It is essential to get your windshield checked regularly at an auto glass replacement Tulsa OK shop, as it helps prevent the damage from worsening. If you spot damage on the windshield, it is essential to get it fixed immediately. Summers bring high temperature, heat, and road vibrations that can cause minimal damage to spread. You can get it repaired in the nick of time, and you can also save that additional cost.

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Auto Glass Replacement 

The windshield damage can reduce the car’s structural integrity, and it is best to get proactive about getting your windshield replaced or repaired at Glassworks Auto Glass replacement. Our experts are highly trained individuals who have years of knowledge and experience in the same domain. Over the years, our experts have been fortunate enough to serve a huge pool of customers and get their hands on different windshield work genres. 

Our team makes sure to provide a holistic solution to repair your car from all the damages, especially the windshield damage, which is quite a serious affair. Professionals know your vehicle and the specific part that has been damaged. It’s always a good idea to have professionals repair or replace your auto glass. When it comes to auto glass repair and replacement, it’s quality over quantity.