Auto Glass Repair Jenks with some amazing after-installation hacks!

In the field of auto glass repair Jenks, the most remarkable and trusty source for providing quality services of auto glass repair. With immense experience of over 20 years in the industry, we have keen knowledge, exclusive expertise, and perfect business practices. We are proudly satisfying our beloved clients and fulfilling their needs. 

Whether you are facing any auto window repair Jenks, Mobile Car window repair Jenks, Power window repair Jenks, car window replacement Jenks or any auto glass repair Jenks, our services are always there to provide you the best and outstanding results. Here we will discuss some essential points about taking extra care of a windshield after a replacement. So, let us go!

  • Choose the best and trusty workshop:

We are highly recommended people and our believers that don’t trust anyone for your auto glass repair in Jenks, as we have noticed that there are a lot of dishonest and fake people wandering around who can not only damage your vehicle but also make you fool while choosing low-quality products and with low expertise services. 

  • Get repair instantly:

Do not get late after replacing your windshield because it can cause any severe incident. If you feel any damage, scratch, or loss, contact your nearest auto glass repairer in Jenks, who might diagnose the exact fault and cover it instantly. 

  • Take extra care after replacement:

We believe that Original things are always original. Any highest quality product cannot even take the place of the original one. So, after replacement, take extra care of your windshield and protect them as you can.

  • Give time to your vehicle:

Everyone in Jenks claims that they can repair your auto glass in 15 to 20 minutes. Somehow, it is the reality that experts take only 30 minutes to do their job, but the actual process begins after replacement when the glass firmly holds grip and creates a strong bond—the waterproof seal around the windshield. So, we recommend you give enough time to your replaced windshield to get set and dry. However, it would be best to provide almost an hour while driving your car after the installation process. Also, an expert technician will remind you about this tip after completing his job. 

  • Keep it in mind:

Most insurance companies will try to waive the deductible if you select to repair your windshield than to be replaced. Because repairing is relatively less expensive than replacement, take care of these little things. Also, please don’t ignore the crack on your windshield as it can be an accident in the future. 

  • Avoid too much burden.

When the windshield repair is new and in the drying process, don’t push or pull for a day or two days. Also, don’t place anything on the internal or external side of the windowpane. Including no sunshade, please try to keep your dashboard free of clutter and excessive things.

  • Try to leave the window open.

After auto glass repair Jenks, do not seal pack your windshield as the air pressure around the glass will give extra stress to the glass, which may cause leakage. So, try to leave your window open at least an inch. It is very recommended, especially after installation. 

  • Do not try to remove the retention tape:

The repairing experts sometimes use retention tape for the best grip, which firmly holds the windshield in its exact place and ensures that it remains protected from the external dust particulars after replacement. Often it looks terrible and gives messy touch but don’t try to remove it instantly after replacement. If you want to remove it, wait for a day or two days after installation. 

  • Avoid heavy washers:

Make sure that that give some time to your vehicle after auto glass repair or replacement Jenks because the new moldings may take time to hold their grip in place. So give enough time to keep them set entirely and avoid vehicle washing, automatic car washes, or any power washer tools. If you need to wash it, then wash it with your hands in the first 2 to 3 days; otherwise, wait for a week. 

  • Close vehicle doors gently:

Do not stress out your new auto glass after replacement. Always try to close the vehicle doors gently, not try to slam them. In this way, the new windshield replacement will work for longer and avoid damage.

  • Avoid driving on poor roads:

After replacing your windshield, do not drive your car on the poor conditioned road with many jumps or bumps. In this way, your new replacement will get damaged or leave its place when it is not dry. 

  • Always use premium quality cleaners:

If you want to make it, your windshield works a long time after replacement. Try to clean it inside and out with the highest quality cleaner, specially formulated for car windows, and gives maximum protection to your window glass after its replacement. 

  • Replace your wiper blades:

After windshield installation, if you feel that the car wipers are getting loose or their rubbers are getting expired, immediately change your wiper blades which are pretty tight, and have a firm grip. 

  • Avoid direct sunshine:

Try to park your car in the shade and avoid sunshine as the direct rays will damage the windshield and shorten its life. So, try to act upon it. It will keep you safe and avoid accidents. 


All the above tips are awe-inspiring and valuable for those not aware of these, especially for beginners who will replace their windshield for the first time. Try to follow these tips for a long life of windshield. Maybe no one will guide you through these basics as we sum up it in the same place for you. So, try to follow carefully and enjoy long-living rides. Tada!