Get auto glass repair in Jenks today. Did you know that parking your car in the wrong place will cause it to be damaged? If your parking space isn’t safe, the elements will damage your car’s roof, doors, mirrors, and back glass, among other things.

The windshield is particularly vulnerable to damage because it is in the front of the car and is the first to be damaged by debris, bricks, errant objects, and so on. As a result, for the well-being of your four-wheeler, a decent parking space is a must.

Here’s how an inconvenient parking spot will damage your car’s glass.

Weather Variations

Since glass expands and contracts with temperature, varying degrees of temperature will impact your car windshield. As a result, the windshield can begin to chip or crack as a consequence. Furthermore, temperature fluctuations will exacerbate the injury. As a result, it’s important to park your vehicle in a designated parking spot or in a garage where the windshield is not vulnerable to changing temperatures and doesn’t require frequent car window repair Tulsa or Tulsa windshield replacement. Get auto glass repair in Jenks today.

Parking Under a Tree

Parking your car under a tree, particularly during the fruit-bearing season, can cause severe damage to your car windshield because the fruits can drop on it, causing severe harm. When autumn comes, it’s also a good idea to move your parking spot because tree branches can drop on the windshield and ruin it. You can imagine how much money you’d have to spend on windshield repair Tulsa or windshield replacement Tulsa if this happened.

The Effects of the Rainy Season

If the vehicle is parked in an open field, heavy rains will leave water stains on the windshield. Furthermore, high winds combined with heavy rainfall will cause tree branches to split and drop on your windshield, which will require you to get auto glass repair Tulsa or windshield replacement Tulsa OK. Get auto glass repair in Jenks today.

Furthermore, due to increased air emissions, acidic rains are becoming more frequent, which can create stains or watermarks on the windshield. As a result, parking your four-wheeler in a shady and secure location is a viable option.

Fading Wiper Blades

If your car is parked in direct sunshine, it will cause the wiper blades to deteriorate faster. The explanation for this is that the rubber in the wipers begins to degrade due to temperature changes. This negative effect is caused by the sun’s rays and the heating up of the windshield as a consequence of the sun’s heat. Get auto glass repair in Jenks today.

This will eventually trigger scratches in the car windshield. When wipers add uneven pressure to the surface while removing water, chips and cracks may form, which can expand over time. As a result, parking in a protected area must avoid auto glass repair in Tulsa.


Thieves and burglars may gain access to a vehicle by breaking the locks, back glass, or windshield. As a result, it’s important to park your four-wheeler in a secure, covered parking area where it won’t be stolen. Where possible, park in a spot that is monitored by a security officer or a camera. Get auto glass repair in Jenks today.

Often park your car near cameras while visiting the mall or other places so that you can react quickly if an accident occurs. You can imagine how difficult it would be to get a car power window repair for a cracked car windshield.

Declining Nano-Ceramic Coating

The molecular binding ability of the nano-ceramic coating makes the car windshield even more durable. Making it a common commodity in the automotive industry. However, exposure to the sun for an extended period may cause this microscopic layer to corrode, caused by harmful ultraviolet radiations. In addition, if the grime and dirt are not cleaned quickly enough, they eat away at the coating.

Bird droppings and water spots caused by acid rain can also damage the sheet. Furthermore, this decreases the coated surface’s self-cleaning properties. However, parking in a protected area and using it regularly will extend its longevity. Get auto glass repair in Jenks today.

If you’re parked outside, keep these pointers in mind to stop having to fix or car window repair Tulsa OK: 

  • Purchase an all-weather, paint-safe vehicle cover: There are some brands to pick from that are specially built to suit the make and model of your car. It was well worth the money!
  • Wax the paint on your car at least once per month: Though weekly washing is essential, comprehensive detailing and waxing are more relevant in these circumstances. Use a good wax to add layers of security.
  • Vinyl wraps and paint film: Paint film and vinyl covers are excellent choices if you want added trust and security from passerby bumps and scuffs in addition to protecting your vehicle from the environment.
Cover external materials
  • Cover the external plastics, rubber, and moldings with trim protectants. These pieces fade, become fragile and chalky more quickly than factory paint. It costs to pay proper attention to specific information.
  • Coat the parts of your body that are most vulnerable to sun exposure. Don’t forget about the roofline moldings, inside door frames, and under the hood/trunk/hatch. To avoid sticking caused by excessive heat, use a silicone lubricant combined with protectants on such moldings. To prevent splitting and premature expiration, add rubber ointment to the inside walls of your tires.
  • Disinfect with water-repellent cleaners: It would help prevent watermarks and acid rain marks on your windows and windshield.
  • Apply a UV protective approach on all of your exterior lights and reflectors: Yellowish headlights will make the car look completely unattractive!
Wipers and interior
  • Lift the wipers: When parked in the scorching sun, your windshield will heat up to temperatures. That causes the rubber blades on your wipers to degrade more quickly.
  • Protect the interiors and run from the sun’s rays: To protect your interior plastics, leather, and upholstery from the damaging effects of UV rays. Install sun visors all over or at least on both front and rear windshields. Once these components, particularly polyurethane plastics, begin to degrade due to heat radiation, they are carcinogenic. Apply internal protectants to maintain their like-new characteristics.

Auto Glass Repair in Jenks

You cannot be too protective when it comes to your car’s windshield. There are plenty of ways by which your windshield can get damaged. When that happens, you will need help from the professionals from Glassworks Auto Glass. You can get the best services in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma), and other suburbs, including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta, at a reasonable price. Get auto glass repair in Jenks today.