Get auto glass repair in Bixby today. A windshield is a primary safety net for your car, and very often, your car’s windshield can accidentally get cracked or chipped for various reasons. Windshield repair Tulsa can be a hassle if you put off fixing the damage, as the crack in auto glass Tulsa gets bigger and bigger, which makes it impossible to repair over time. Based on the damage, you need to either repair it or replace it if it is a big crack.

The first thing that comes to mind is the cost of windshield repair Tulsa or Tulsa windshield replacement. To get the best quality and service, do research and find the best places that provide high-quality car power window repair or replacement at reasonable prices.

During this global pandemic, it is difficult to get a power window repair expert at the last hour, so it is a safe option to avoid conditions that cause your windshield to crack. What damages your windshield? Well, to make you aware of the things while driving, we have shortlisted ten potentially hazardous conditions below.

1. Gravel Roads

Driving on gravel roads can cause the wheels to grind on pebbles. Debris or gravels themselves on the ground can bounce off and hit your windshield due to friction forces between two surfaces. If a crack develops on your windshield, don’t go for auto glass repair Tulsa instead, go for a windshield replacement Tulsa OK, as it is better to replace the window to avoid future damages.

2. Poor Glass Construction

If your windshield was manufactured with low-quality glass or installed improperly, even the slightest pressure causes it to crack. If you have experienced such things, make sure to replace your windshield with high-quality Tulsa windshields that fit your frame perfectly and don’t come out. Get auto glass repair in Bixby today.

3. Scorching Sunrays

When the direct sunlight hits your windshield, the molecular bonds in your glass loosen up, and the outer edges of your glass expand faster. It results in cracking of your auto glass, allowing the scorching sunlight to enter your car, giving you an experience of an expected sauna. Mobile power window repair or mobile car window replacement is essential in that case. To avoid this situation, park your car in a garage or cover it with a car shield. Get auto glass repair in Bixby today.

4. Hailstorms

Like extreme heat causes cracks on your windshield, freezing weather causes cracks in your windshield too. Winters sometimes bring hailstorms. The stones that fall during such storms can feel like someone deliberately throwing rocks at your windshield, which results in a higher chance of breaking your window glass. Avoid driving during such storms and halt your vehicle in a safe place and wait for the storm to settle.

5.Temperature Changes

Connecting to the above two points, a sudden temperature change, like sudden fluctuations from hot to cool temperature, can cause stress to the glass, resulting in a windshield crack. Due to this sudden fluctuation in weather, you may have to frequently do mobile car window repair or auto glass repair in Bixby OK. According to the temperature in your area, take steps to protect the windshield of your car. Slowly warm up your defroster, and don’t park in direct sunlight. Get auto glass repair in Bixby today.

6. Accidents

Accidents are unpredictable. No one can foresee them from beforehand. Assume you park your car in front of your apartment or by the neighborhood, where the kids play with a ball, then the ball may come hurtling towards your car on some unlucky day, causing damage to the windshield and the body. Park your car in your garage to avoid such accidents. Get auto glass repair in Bixby today.

7. Old Windshields

Auto glass Tulsa OK, too, have a lifespan and die after a certain period even if the glass is of high quality. The only difference between low-quality and high-quality glass is that the low-quality glasses have no durability, whereas the high-quality glasses are durable for years. With time, windshields tend to become thinner and brittle. So, if you are driving an old car, consider replacing your auto glass.

8. Driving Behind Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Driving behind heavy vehicles like garbage trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, and trucks that carry a lot of material can crack your windshield if they happen to fall on it. Therefore, it is always better to keep a safe distance when driving behind these trucks or switch lanes.

9. Stumbling Wreckage

Always think twice before parking your car somewhere. It is not safe to park your vehicle under a tree or a shade. The stray branches, fruits, and other objects may fall on top of your car or your glass and break your car’s glass. In such cases, you may require auto glass repair Tulsa OK. Delaying it can be more hazardous. To avoid chips or cracks, consider parking your car in a garage. Get auto glass repair in Bixby today.

10. Existing Defects

Your car window shield can have defects from the beginning. Sometimes, windshields have defects in the manufacturing process or installation that make the glass sensitive to damage. Such faults can result in a safety hazard staring you in the face. If you see any damage to your windshield, go for car window repair Tulsa immediately.

Auto Glass Repair in Bixby

It is a common question people have regarding windshields. First, you need to figure out the nature of your car’s damaged windshield. If the glass has got a scratch or a chip, then you can repair it. But if the auto glass gets a crack, it is better to replace it with a new one. Get auto glass repair in Bixby today.

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