Do you need ADAS Tulsa? Technological advancements are good for several reasons and one place where it thrives the most is automobiles! The automobile industry is also changing every day. The rapid technological changes have made our lives more safe and easy. One of the best developments in the automobile industry is ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. I am sure you might have heard of this term before but exactly is it? Keep reading this article to know some important things about ADAS Tulsa calibration.

ADAS, what is it?

In simple words, ADAS can be described as a group or collection of safety features. There are various sensors and cameras placed at various parts of the vehicle to enhance safety. The main aim of ADAS is to reduce or prevent accidents. In a nutshell ADAS Tulsa assists as well as aids in avoiding accidents or unfortunate events. Here are some of the features of the system:

  • Lane departure warning
  • Park assist
  • Automatic cruise control
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Collision warning
  • Headlights control

Now that you have a good idea about ADAS, here some additional things that you should know about ADAS Tulsa recalibration.

ADAS Tulsa calibration

ADAS calibration makes sure that the ADAS Tulsa devices like the sensors and camera are aligned properly so that the system works properly. If you are going for dynamic calibration then you will have to go to technicians however if you want a static calibration then all you will need is some special equipment to calibrate the Advanced Driving Assistance System.

When to calibrate the ADAS?

According to experts, it is important to calibrate the ADAS during the given situations:

  • After the collision of the vehicle
  • After the replacement of the windshield
  • Replacement of rice height or tires

Things that can cause ADAS malfunctioning

Although ADAS Tulsa is a flawless system that is very important for the safety of people inside the vehicle. However, due to certain reasons, this system can malfunction.

Windshield replacement often leads to misalignment of sensors and other devices which can throw off the entire system. In such a situation you should go and get ADAS Tulsa recalibration from an expert. Do not try to fix this yourself as ADAS calibration requires some special tools and expert knowledge.

If you are adding any aftermarket accessories it can throw off the entire ADAS. Therefore avoid using any aftermarket accessories. Moreover, the ADAS might get flawed in winters or muddy conditions as well. In case debris or dust is covering the windshield or any of the cameras and sensors it can greatly affect the ADAS Tulsa. Therefore it is always advisable to clean your car clean. In case you are facing any problem with the ADAS make sure to visit an expert who will calibrate the system again.

Is ADAS calibration important after windshield replacement?

Yes! It is important to go for ADAS calibration after windshield replacement. You should know that ADAS devices such as cameras and sensors are sometimes mounted on the windshield itself. This means that even a tiny physical change particularly on the windshield can misplace devices. Even if the devices misplace by a few centimeters the whole system will misalign and malfunction. Thus after windshield replacement the ADAS Tulsa devices misalign and it is important to calibrate them.

There is no DIY solution available for ADAS calibration. Even if you find one on the internet do not attempt to try it. ADAS is a safety system and it should be handled by experts only.

Types of ADAS calibration

Let us now talk about the available types of calibration. ADAS Tulsa is an umbrella term that covers various technological advancements. There are mainly two types of ADAS calibration – dynamic ADAS calibration and static calibration. Are you confused between the two terms? Do you want to know more about both types of calibration? Do not worry we are here to clear all your confusion.

Now let us discuss the two types of ADAS calibration.

  •    Dynamic calibration: 

It is known as mobile calibration. This type of ADAS calibration involves calibration with the help of a handheld unit that is plugged directly into the car or any other vehicle. Once the unit is attached your vehicle will be driven at a prescribed speed over a particular distance in optimum weather. After being exposed to this test the ADAS should be able to respond and react to unexpected problems.

  •    Static calibration 

Static calibration on the other hand means technological features which could be calibrated in a specifically tailored environment without driving the car. This method requires special and advanced equipment like camera and sensor calibration (CSC) tools.

It is important to note that static or dynamic calibration depends upon the requirements as well as the make of your vehicle.

Here are some of the benefits of ADAS Tulsa

  • It helps in avoiding collisions or accidents with the help of a forward collision warning.
  • It makes driving safer with the help of various safety features of the system.
  • The main aim of ADAS is to enhance the safety of the passengers.
  • By various warning and safety features, the ADAS Tulsa system provides driving convenience

In conclusion

ADAS is designed to enhance the driving experience by making it safer and smoother. However, if you want the system to work properly you have to ensure that all the devices including cameras and sensors are calibrated properly. The calibration can be either dynamic or static depending upon the requirements and make of the vehicle. For proper installation of a fully functional ADAS Tulsa , take your vehicle to a reputed shop. There are quite a few such shops that not only provide the services of windshield repair Tulsa and windshield replacement Tulsa, but also good when it comes to ADAS installation in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) or surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. So, take your vehicle to one of these reputed shops and learn more about ADAS.