Does your car have an ADAS system? Driving long hours on the road can be both hectic and dangerous. Most of the time, accidents occur when sleepy drivers accidentally swerve out of their lane and into another car.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS is an advanced technology designed to ensure increased safety on the roads. It will alert the drivers about the risk and potential problems on the road. ADAS systems take control of your vehicles by applying the brakes when the vehicle has gotten too close to an obstacle, which may be another car, pedestrian, or property. While the ADAS system is an excellent step to ensure vehicles’ safety, it is essential to calibrate the system every time a windscreen is replaced.

Since it is a significant part of drivers’ and other co-passengers safety, it is imperative to understand the technology clearly. This article will take you through everything you’ll need to know about Advanced Driver Assist Systems.


As we already mentioned above, ADAS is the technology designed to ensure the safety of the people driving across the roads. It comes in various forms, ranging from simpler versions to automatic headlights and wipers. Here are a few versions of ADAS that will help make your driving experience safer than ever before.

  • Lane departure warning system:
  • It’s not mandatory that lane departure will lead to a road accident, but it’s undeniable that it’s the prime reason for road accidents and it’s extremely risky when there are other cars around. Using an alarming sound to alert other drivers when changing the lane is a smart choice to prevent road accidents. With the ADAS, it is possible to create a warning sound each time your car moves off the lane without a turn signal on.
  • Automatic emergency braking (AEB) system
  •  There may be times when you need to push emergency brakes to avoid crashing your vehicle. This is where the AEB system comes in handy. It will help alert the driver to take corrective actions. In case the driver doesn’t take any action, the system will apply an emergency brake automatically to prevent the crash from occurring. There is also a lighter version of AEB available that only monitors your vehicle’s distance and the one in front to avoid a head-on collision.


  • Adaptive cruise control
  •  We have been using cruise control technology for a long time now. It is designed to help keep your car at a consistent speed, especially when driving long distances, allowing you to rest your feet. The Adaptive Cruise Control system allows the vehicle to adjust speed and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

What Is ADAS Windscreen Calibration?

As the name suggests, windscreen calibration is the process of re-adjusting the parameters of the camera lenses to help drivers capture the correct panoramic images of the road. It ensures that the vehicle camera can sense and receive accurate information that drivers can rely on.

Remember that your ADAS system works through this vehicle camera, located in the center of the windscreen. This camera will pick up all the information regarding the road’s condition, vehicles nearby, blind spots, obstacles, etc. The vehicle camera is located on the windscreen. This is why it must be refitted in the correct position every time the windscreen is replaced or repaired. Many people may disagree with this, but it is suggested that ADAS recalibration is important. After you get the windshield repaired or replaced by experts.

Is ADAS Recalibration Necessary?

Is your car camera misaligned? However, this not only make the system unreliable but also makes the vehicle dangerous to drive. With the misaligned camera, the system is likely to pick up and relay incorrect information to the driver and in certain cases. Thus making it important to have the system recalibrated by trained professionals. To reduce the chances of dangerous driving and accidents. ADAS systems are critical to your safety.

When Should I Have The ADAS System Recalibrated?

As we have already mentioned, windshield repair, replacement, or re-installation are the reasons after which you should consider getting your ADAS system calibrated. Also, here are some common reasons to have the windshield camera recalibrated:

  • Fault code showing up on the dashboard.
  • If the camera disconnects
  • Wheel alignment changes
  • Suspension changes

In case you fail to have your ADAS system recalibrated. This can result in safety issues for you and the co-passengers. This is something you would not want to face. It is essential that you only consult with trained and certified professionals. This provides a hassle-free and accurate ADAS recalibration after your windshield replacement.

ADAS System

ADAS is one of the coolest and latest technologies. It is designed to work with sensors and cameras. They calculate the exact distance from the road’s obstacles like cars, people, trees, etc. The technology allows the drivers to stay aware of the obstacles. Thus taking required actions on time to avoid a collision.