Find ADAS recalibration near me. Technological changes have revolutionized the automobile industry. Various technological innovations have improved the driving experience; for instance, because of the GPS, drivers can easily keep the track of wherever they want to go and with hands-free communication, this can be done more safely. Backup cameras have also made it much safer and easier to driveway or back out of the parking. And with the latest technology ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), parking and driving have become safer than ever before. It’s not the technology that allows the drivers to park the vehicle safely, of course it does a great job on this, but it can also protect the life of the driver and other passengers on the road.

Since this is a complex technology, we bring to you a detailed guide where we will talk about everything you need to know about the Advanced Driver Assistance System. So, let’s not waste any time and let’s begin knowing about the ADAS technology.

What does ADAS mean?

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System is the latest technological advancement in the automobile industry. This system helps in making driving safer by using a combination of cameras and sensors. The main aim of ADAS is to reduce the chances of a collision or damage that might occur due to driver’s error or visibility issues on the road. Find ADAS recalibration near me.

How does ADAS recalibration work?

ADAS technology alerts the driver in case of any possible obstacle in the path of the vehicle. It also helps in providing lane centering. ADAS technology can also include lane departure warnings, automatic emergency brakes. Also, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and forward-collision warnings. Rear traffic alert and parking Assistance can also be included in the ADAS technology.

ADAS require very precise calibration to make sure they function accurately. This means that the radars, cameras, and sensors should be placed accurately. A few of these are needed to be placed in your auto glass Tulsa. In case any component of the system is placed slightly off, then it compromises the overall functionality of the system. That is why you need to take your vehicle to a reputed windshield repair Tulsa or windshield replacement Tulsa shop. There are a few reputed shops in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) or surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso. Including Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. You can approach them anytime.

Interested to know more about ADAS technology? Keep scrolling to read about the present systems available.

More about ADAS :

●     Lane-keeping technology:

This technology is introduced to help the drivers stay within their respective lane. Lane-keeping technology is very essential for maintaining safety on freeways and highways. You might have noticed a visual indicator on your dash or you might have felt vibration on your seat or steering wheel when you move out of your lane this happens because of lane departure warning. Lane-keeping technology, on the other hand, is comparatively more active with lane centering assist or lane-keeping assist. Lane-keeping Assist uses brakes or/and steering to return your car to your lane. While lane-centering assists actively maintain the centered position of the vehicle on the lane all the time.

It is important to note that all lane-keeping technology is active only when the speed of the vehicle is 30 mph and beyond. Find ADAS recalibration near me. This system also uses a forward-facing camera which helps in identifying the lanes of the highways which helps in making corrections or warnings. Issues such as damaged or dirty windshield, poor lane marking condition and adverse weather can also affect the Lane Keeping Technology.

●     Forward Collision-Avoidance and Forward Collision Warning

As the name suggests forward-collision warning, warns you when you are approaching the vehicle ahead of you very quickly. It warns through an audible tone, vibrating the seat or steering wheel or/and via a visual indicator on the dash.

The Front or forward collision avoidance engages the automatic emergency brake. To prevent a collision from the vehicle in front of you.

Both of these systems utilize forward-facing radar as well as LiDAR or camera. To analyze the speed and distance at which your car is approaching the vehicle ahead of you. Find ADAS recalibration near me.

●     Adaptive Cruise Control

This system helps you to maintain a definite speed and set distance from the vehicle that is ahead. This system reduces much of your manual work which is done by using braking operations. And applying acceleration when needed and is also in control of the radar sensors. In case your vehicle has both Lane centering assist and adaptive cruise control. Then the system is also referred to as the adaptive cruise control with steering assist.

●     Rear collision warning

Find ADAS recalibration near me. Forward collision avoidance/warning helps prevent you from colliding with another vehicle. While the rear collision warning will warn you in case another vehicle might rear-end you. The system uses rear-facing radar to analyze the closing speed. And the position of the vehicle that is approaching your vehicle’s rear.

In case the systems detect that another vehicle is approaching very quickly. It warns the driver with a visual indicator, the vibration of the seat or steering wheel, and/or audible tone. Find ADAS recalibration near me.

In case you have a more active system in your vehicle. Then it will even tighten the seatbelts and adjust the headrest to minimize the damage.

●     Blindspot detection 

Blindspot detection helps the driver with the areas alongside the vehicle. If the system detects any vehicle to your side it will alert. With a flashing light on the side-view mirror or an audible tone. Few advanced blind spot systems even control the steering wheel thereby preventing you from moving into that particular lane. A blind-spot detection system uses ultrasonic sensors. Also, cameras and/or radar allow the driver to view the blind spots on the dash. Find ADAS recalibration near me.

ADAS system thus makes the driving experience better by protecting the passengers from all possible threats.