Do you need a windshield repair Tulsa? The pandemic called ‘COVID 19’ has injured the globe with havoc. Multiple countries have locked down their ongoing activities to keep their residents safe. It is essential to disinfect the highly touched surfaces with proper sanitization. Taking care of yourself as well as your car is significant during and post-COVID days. If you are experiencing any scratch or chip, it is important to take it to a professional windshield repair Tulsa service.

Keeping your car safe and safe driving is important post-COVID

As most public activities have been shut down due to this pandemic this year, public transport is partially and completely shut in many countries. These days people are accessing personal vehicles as their frequent mode of transport. Thus, it is actually important to keep their vehicles safe as most vehicles are the potential vehicles that cause the virus’s spread. It is important to assure their timely service and take it to a professional windshield repair Tulsa to keep it in good condition.

Here are given some essential tools that can help you in keeping your car safe during COVID-19. 
Bleach and hydrogen peroxide

The use of bleach and hydrogen peroxide is also effective during the Coronavirus, but it can damage your vehicle completely and permanently. These are the strong cleaners, and the upholstery will not fight off its damaging properties.  The use of ammonia-based cleaners on the touch screen can damage their screens and fingerprint coatings. It is good to find a professional Tulsa auto glass repair service if facing any glass issues.

Soap and water

The use of soap and water for cleaning your car from inside and outside is also considered safe. This cleaning method is an absolute solution for cleaning the cloth or leather. 

Microfiber cloth

It is the highest recommended fabric to clean the surface for perfect cleaning during this pandemic. These clothes are made of fabric with tiny loops that immediately collect and sweep away all the dust particles and the dirt before they scratch any shiny or delicate surface.

Why is safe driving important post COVID days, and what tips should be followed?

After a long lockdown amidst different nations, many drivers return to the road to commence their regular activities. When staying at home resulted in less traffic, high-speed and reckless driving has been experienced after getting back on the road. According to a report, people started taking advantage of empty roads that have deliberately increased the chances of road accidents. Below are some safe driving tips that can help you keep safe while driving after a long break.

Get re-informed with your vehicle and driver settings

If your vehicle has not been out on the road and stayed in parking most of the time during this pandemic, then it is recommended to check the oil, tire pressure before taking it out on the road. It is good to remove as many blind spots and possible and check the condition of the windshield.  It is good to hire a reliable windshield repair Tulsa to check its condition before entering the road. 

Have a plan for avoiding collision

It is good to speed up things but a better plan for avoiding collisions. Potential driving emergencies such as a dog running on the road, sudden highway obstruction, another vehicle running a stop sign, etc., can result in a collision. It is good to prepare how to react before time.

Please plan your travel time accordingly

It is good to plan your travel. Leave for your work by taking excess travel time on the road. This saves you from rushing towards your important appointments.

Windshield Repair Tulsa

COVID-19 is a critical situation that we are facing these days. This situation has captured our minds as well as our work life. Always be prepared in advance before returning to your normal routine. It is better to be safe rather than ending up in any critical situation. It is advised to take the help of a windshield repair Tulsa to check your vehicle’s condition before giving it a start.