Are you looking for auto glass repair in Tulsa? The front window glass gives a convenient driving view. Then it protects occupants from wind, rocks, rain, and other elements that may come crashing through your vehicle. But its benefits don’t end here. 

The windshield supports your vehicle’s structural integrity and acts as a crucial safety component. For example, the safe and timely deployment of front airbags is dependent on the windshield. 

Given this, the stability and health of your windshield require proper attention. It’s easy to ignore minor damage, but over time it may get worse – linking ignorance to accidents. So it is highly recommended a compromised windshield is attended timely. 

Scratches, chips, or cracks are inhibiting your vision.

Over time, the windshield will get scratches for several reasons. Minor scratches do not usually need a replacement if attended early. A professional auto glass Tulsa repair specialist can get these fixed for a reasonable fee.  But for damage in your line of sight, it should be replaced rather than repaired. 


Flying rocks, road debris, or other elements can cause chips – most of which can be filled in by a professional auto glass technician. However, if the chip has extended the damage to your windshield’s outer edge, if it’s within the Driver’s Primary Viewing Area, if it has caused distortion that’s unavoidable, you’ll need a replacement. 


Driving a car with a cracked windshield is a dangerous thing. There’s no smaller or minor, or lighter crack. A crack, if ignored, will grow in size and eventually be the source of fatalities. If you can see a concerning crack that’s barring your vision or is localized at a place that disturbs your vehicle’s structural integrity, please visit a technician. Each of these issues continues to grow and contributes to a weaker glass – meaning unsafe driving. 

Depending on the issue’s location and the extent of damage, the technician will either recommend repairing it or replacing it altogether.  

You think the windshield was not properly installed.

A professional and long-standing windshield installation means at least two technicians were involved in the job. It’s not a one-person job because handling the glass, measuring the alignment, attaching the windshield in place need a collective effort. So, if you remember only one technician was doing all the jobs, probably its time you should take your vehicle to a professional and check if everything is in place. 

If your technicians were not wearing gloves, it is another red flag that the installation was probably not up to the desired standard. Oil from the bare hands can weaken the adhesive strength resulting in leaks and structural instability. Other signs of incorrect installation include water sipping in through your windshield, a strange distinct sound at higher speed, visible gaps or spaces left during the previous installation, etc.  If you drove your car with a new windshield immediately after installing it, this is a red flag again. 

For damage that can’t be fixed with a repair, what you need is a new, safe, and quality installation from a certified, professional auto glass specialist in Tulsa.   

Other signs you may need to reinstall a windshield 

Do you see a major part of the product is missing? Is your inspection renewal is upcoming up, and you are worried about fines and delays? Do you regularly drive through areas that may potentially extend the extent of minor damage? For all these concerns and more, please visit a professional auto glass repair shop in Tulsa. 

Why choose GlassWorks Auto Glass for windshield replacement in Tulsa?

At GlassWorks AutoGlass, we leverage skilled technicians’ expertise and a huge inventory of glass products to provide outstanding repair and replacement service. 

We’ve been a locally owned, family operated auto glass repair company in Tulsa since 1991. 

Seven reasons to choose us for Tulsa windshield replacement
  • Only the highest quality sealants for maximum satisfaction, and most importantly, your safety
  • Lifetime warranty. See More on this 
  • Huge inventory of regularly updated glass models 
  • Trained technicians for windshield repair and replacement in Tulsa (with an average of 15 years experience)
  • Free mobile services throughout the Tulsa metro
  • Latest technologies and highest quality materials for repairs and replacements allow convenient outcomes.
  • We accept all major insurance and handle the paperwork for you.
GlassWorks AutoGlass Tulsa

Customer delight is what we strive for. If the issue facing your windshield is not affecting your driving quality, if it is not running all the way through your glass, if it is not in line with your sight, we probably won’t replace it and go for a repair instead. But we can give an honest and accurate opinion only after a thorough observation.

Driving with a compromised windshield is a safety hazard for the driver and other occupants in the vehicle. Even if you notice a minor crack, please don’t decide whether it is okay to ignore it. Over time, weather conditions, motor vibrations, and unpredictable road conditions could make the crack grow in size. While modern technologies will not allow the windshield to collapse, driving with a shattered windshield is too dangerous.  

For more information about windshield repair, windshield repair in Tulsa, or Tulsa windshield replacement, please feel free to call or text us at 918-610-9967