You’re driving on the highway. It’s a pleasant day, and things look hopeful. Suddenly, something you have been fearful about happens. A vehicle in front of you kicks up rocks that hit your windshield and leaves unsightly cracks behind. The vehicle is gone, and you are stuck in an inconvenient situation. Now What? This blog seeks to find the answers. 

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  • Precautions to take while driving 
  • If your windshield is cracked, how to know if it’s bothering you?
  • Signs your windshield needs immediate repairing or replacement. 
  • What to do if your windshield is broken and all you need is immediate help? 
  • How long does it take to repair/replace a broken windshield?
  • Should I drive the vehicle immediately after the issue is solved?
  • Why choose GlassWorks Auto Glass as your windshield replacement company in Tulsa? 


Precaution is better than cure. Here is how to avoid getting cracks while driving  

Keep a safe distance between other vehicles when driving on a gravel road. Take extra precautions when following a construction vehicle.

Avoid extreme temperatures like direct sunlight. While the heat won’t crack your windshield, it could make it less stable, making it vulnerable to small impacts.

Drive within the speed limit to reduce the impact of rocks and road debris. Slow driving allows you to identify the source of the debris before it hit your windshield.

Avoid construction sites, gravel roads, and if possible, prefer scenic roads for short-distance travel. 

If you notice a small crack, attend it early. Over time weather conditions, vibrations, and other factors could make the crack enlarge. So what would have been a small in-budget repair can quickly spiral into an expensive replacement. 

My windshield is damaged; how can I tell if it’s severe? 

You can only be careful, but it alone won’t guarantee a comfortable driving experience. You can’t control other drivers, and you can’t predict hostile weather conditions or unforeseen driving situations. Despite taking precautions, no matter how well or poorly you drive, if you still got a cracked windshield, don’t panic. If it is too small, you can ignore it for emergency repairing. If it’s too large and can influence the quality of driving, it needs early attention. 

Signs your windshield needs immediate repairing or replacement. 
  • You can see a concerning crack that’s barring your vision.
  • It is localized at a place that disturbs the structural integrity of your vehicle.
  • The chip has extended the damage to your windshield’s outer edge.
  • It is within the Driver’s Primary Viewing Area
  • It has caused unavoidable distortion. 


Also, driving with a cracked windshield can be an offense too. In Oklahoma, you cannot drive a car with a windshield that has damage that is greater than three inches in diameter. Hairline or stress cracks equal to 12 inches or more combined are not allowed if located within the windshield wiper swipe area. If cracked sites allow air to pass through or can be felt on running a fingertip over them, it is not

allowed again.

What to do if your windshield is broken and all you need is immediate help? 

Please don’t panic. Call your nearest auto glass replacement company immediately. If you are in Tulsa, you can call our mobile windshield repair service. As a trusted windshield repair company in Tulsa, we use the latest technologies to repair your vehicle windshield and make it functional again safely.

How long does it take to repair/replace a broken windshield?

Several things decide the amount of time it would need to repair or replace a broken windshield. At GlassWorks Auto Glass, we seek to find the root cause of the issue, and our first preference is to repair it. If repairing doesn’t solve the issue, we may suggest for complete replacement. If it’s a small break without many jagged edges, it may take anywhere between 10-20 minutes. 

A potentially concerning break with several jagged edges would take the job longer. 25 minutes or more, depending on the complexity. For replacement, the waiting time also depends on the vehicle model. Weather condition also adds up to it.  The adhesive that bonds the windshield needs time to cure.  

Note: It is highly recommended you give as many details as possible. The technician will evaluate your windshield health and suggest your waiting time based on the gathered details.  

Should I drive the vehicle immediately after the issue is solved?

No. Once the replacement is done, you should wait for everything to set and dry. It could be one hour or more as recommended by your technician. 

A rushed job can be risky. Always use high-quality auto glass products from professional windshield replacement company Tulsa. 

Why choose Glass Works Auto Glass as your windshield replacement company in Tulsa?

GlassWorks Auto Glass is a locally-owned auto glass repair company in

Tulsa since 1999. We’re proud to serve our clients (always) with high-quality windshield replacement and repair products to keep the driving experience safe and hassle-free for you and your family members.  Fast service, a huge inventory of regularly updated glass models, highest quality products make us a preferred auto glass repair shop in Tulsa. 

We accept all major insurance. We offer free mobile services throughout the Tulsa metro. And GlassWorks Auto Glass carries a lifetime guarantee on every windshield replacement against leakage. 

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