Looking for auto glass Tulsa? The windshield exists for many life-saving jobs. It supports the structural integrity of your vehicle, allows safe deployment of airbags. The most obvious benefit is the protection it provides against road debris and weather conditions. A windshield not worthy of roads, therefore, is dangerous. If you are lucky to escape fatalities, it is still unsafe because a cracked windshield can make you receive an expensive ticket.  

Content of the article 
  • Few basic things to remember for all vehicles on the roadways
  • Which types of cracks are illegal.
  • Legal consequences of driving with a cracked or shattered windshield in Oklahoma state
  • How long can you drive with a cracked windshield?
  • Signs you need .to replace or repair your windshield immediately.
  • Why choose Glass Works Auto Glass 
Few (windshield) best practices to follow before driving.

It is essential for all vehicles driven on the roads to have windshields.

Motorists should ensure their vehicles have functional windshields with wipers capable of eliminating weather elements, including snow, rain, moisture, etc., of providing a clear view of the road. The blades should be free of tears. 

The windshield must be made of safety glass that reduces the likelihood of fatalities if it breaks. 

Note: Please consult with local law enforcement authorities for more info about windshield laws. 

Which types of cracks are considered illegal? 

Usually, it is illegal to drive with an auto glass Tulsa that can cause injury. The point is simple. A crack could eventually grow in size and disturb your vehicle’s structural integrity leading to injury.  Whether a driver is liable for a ticket also depends on the officer, who would decide if the crack is really bothering. 

In Oklahoma, you cannot drive a car with a windshield that has damage that is greater than three inches in diameter. Hairline or stress cracks equal to 12 inches or more combined are not allowed if located within the windshield wiper swipe area. If cracked sites allow air to pass through or can be felt on running a fingertip over them, it is not allowed again. 

An auto glass Tulsa should be clear for view, and any non-transparent materials, including signs, posters, etc., are not allowed on it. Suspended items that are hampering the driving quality by blocking the driver’s ability to see are not allowed. If a crack is preventing the wipers from functioning, it is a red flag too. Replacement windshields auto glass Tulsa should restore the vehicle to its original condition. 

Legal consequences of driving with a cracked or shattered windshield in Oklahoma 

Drivers who fail to meet the required standards as defined by the law and break the laws are subject to a fine of $162.  If the issue is solved and the proof is provided to the courts, the fine can be reduced to $132.   

Pls, note: The windshield laws may still differ depending on where you are and the situation. We recommend you crosscheck the data with your local law enforcement agencies before making any decision.  

How long can you drive with a cracked windshield?

If the crack is too small, if it is not within the primary viewing area, if it is not hampering the ability to see, if it is not legally concerning, it should not cause any worry. Cracks may be too small in their early development stage, but over time bumps in the roads, weather conditions, and driving quality may enlarge the crack making it non-repairable. That’s when you might have to replace it altogether. So call auto glass Tulsa today! 

Another important thing. Waiting for a repair means allowing dirt and dust to enter the damaged areas. The intruding elements make it harder for a repair to work. More waiting time means more dust and dirt and more possibility for a failed repair. 

So, as it turns out, there’s no cushioning time. There’s no way to speculate just how much time is left before a crack becomes illegal. Attending the issue early is the only way to go. 

Signs you need to replace your windshield immediately. 
  • Cracks are preventing your driving view and affecting the quality of driving. 
  • The damage is growing in size, and you regularly drive through bumpy areas and weather conditions that may extend the damage. 
  • You think your last windshield installation was not up to the mark.
  • You can see a major part of your windshield is missing.

Before replacement, ask a windshield repair company in Tulsa if your windshield qualifies for a repair.   

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