Need windshield repair Tulsa? Driving an auto with a scratched windshield is quite risky as you are putting your life and your fellow drivers’ life in danger. A scratched windshield is too dangerous as it can get cracked at any time even without being hit, i.e., just by a heavy force of the wind. So, it is recommended not to ignore any scratches on your auto glass. Once identified, take it for an inspection to a reliable windshield repair Tulsa. If you face an obstructed vision, you can get it repaired immediately to save your time and money in its replacement.

5 Ways to Fix Auto Glass Scratches

Getting a scratch on your auto’s windshield is troublesome as well as critical. Ignoring it is a compromise to your safety. Scratches on a windshield are common, and they emerge when you ignore your windshield’s depreciating condition. You need to see a windshield repair Tulsa to keep it in good condition at all times. Below are great methods that can be useful in fixing auto glass scratches.

The use of a glass repair kit:

 A glass repair kit can be a success if the scratch on the glass is not deep enough. If the scratch is deep, you need a windshield repair expert’s services to fix it not to fall apart. The rubbing compound contains cerium oxide that reacts chemically with the glass and seals the area where it is rubbed to prevent the scratch from deepening. This actually produces a cerium-oxygen-glass-compound, which is softer than the glass and can combine the scratch. 

Acrylic nail polish:

Clear acrylic nail polish is a great way to remove a slight scratch on your car’s windshield repair Tulsa. This product is effective and is easily available in shops. Most of us have this at home, too, in our cosmetics area. The clear acrylic nail polish works well in shallow areas and is good for minor repairs. Apply a layer of clear nail polish to cover the scratch. Wipe off the excess with a clean cloth and wait for it to get dry. It definitely covers scratch and works like wonders.

Acrylic scratch remover:

If you are sure that the scratch on your car is not deep, you can try to fix it yourself. Use acrylic scratch remover to remove a minor scratch on your auto glass. It is an easy solution and available in any store that sells automotive parts and cleaning products. You can apply a little amount of acrylic solution on a cotton cloth and rub it all over the scratched surface. Let it sit for around twenty to thirty minutes, and then clean it off with a soft cloth. This solution works well by chemically reacting with the glass surface.

Glass scrub compound:

If your car glass has stubborn dirt and grime, you can use a glass scrub compound to get rid of it and experience clear visibility while driving. Toothpaste works similarly and works by leveling the glass with scratch and hides the damage. Rub the cloth clockwise above the scratch by pressing it a little bit. While rubbing it over the surface, keep spraying the distilled water to ensure that the area will not dry. Keep applying the compound after completion of every rotation and repeat this process every week.

Buffing machine with water pump:

You can also use a buffing machine that sprays the distilled water around the scratch to fix it. This method is good to fix a minor scratch as its use for a deeper scratch can cause more damage the area. For using this, you need to cover your car basically around the windshield repair Tulsa with plastic rags and sheets to prevent spraying anywhere else except the damaged area. To make use of the distilled water, make several layers of duct tape around the windshield. Then start pumping the distilled water over the area until you stop seeing the damage or scratch. Always remember not to use much pressure. In the end, clean up the excess and remove the sheets from your car.

Windshield Repair Tulsa

 For a deeper and bigger scratch, you need to hire windshield repair in Tulsa to avail a premium service and result. The professionals have all the required tools and knowledge to fix your windshield from scratch and fix any damage level.